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Moorestown Township Public School District Reviews

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I had a great educational experience with most of the teachers throughout my time in Moorestown Public Schools.
Moorestown high school is a very small school compared to many other schools in this area. This small community is mainly composed of affluent Caucasian people. Although this schools lacks a lot of diversity, it is still a welcoming place for all people. The academic level of this school is better than a lot of public schools in the area and Moorestown has a lot of useful facilities.
When I was in middle school, I really enjoyed it! There were many clubs and extracurricular classes that the school offered, and creative writing, home economics and public speaking classes were mandatory, which I think was a very important part of my experience there. However, since I started high school some of the best teachers have left, they switched up all of the teachers' classes and rooms, they have eliminated many extracurricular courses, and they will be starting school even earlier in the upcoming school year. I mean come on, they have a teacher with a doctorate in mathematics teaching an extracurricular now!
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It is a great school. It offers a First Robotics Team. It offers a variety of different art courses. I have been able to take 3 Ceramics classes. The school also offers a variety of STEM related course such as Robotics, Innovative Engineering Design, Intro to CAD, and Physics.
Moorestown is a very good school district with strong academics and many clubs/sports available for all different interests.
This school offers opportunities for all students of every interest, race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. I have received, for the most part, an eceptianol education thus far.
Moorestown is a very good school that helps and prepares you for college. The teachers are there to get you ready for life beyond high school and even college.
Moorestown High School is an average school. Some teachers are amazing while the majority are lazy and have been teaching so long they have lost all interest. Most classes are hard, it depends on what teacher you get. The cafeteria food is decent but not much to offer gluten or dairy free. The principals are nice but never seem to do much. The building could definitely use some renovations.
My overall experience was great, k-12! I still remember all my favorite teachers names, even back to Kindergarten! My parents also both attended and graduated from Moorestown high.
I love Moorestown, I moved her 2 years ago from Evesham. It is much harder but they push you. I have been such a good change in my life for the better and hope to succed even more.
I really enjoyed the opportunities that this school gave me, however, the extra curricular program is largely centered around athletics, rather than the arts, which made it difficult for me to fit in as an artistic person.
The theatre presentations are great and my daughters really enjoy participating in the Tech Crew. Only I wish more recognition is given to the hard working Tech Crew. Not even a thank-you at the closing of the programs. The teachers and administration are well liked and I have been working with them in STEM activities through my company. I am glad we sent my daughters to this school system.
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