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I absolutely love Mooreland schools. The teachers, coaches, & other staff members ALL care about every individual. They want to help anyone they can in any way. The way we all help one another is amazing.
I don't think I would change anything about it. The teachers are amazing. We're having a new school built right now & it'll be ready for the kids that are sophomores now. Our old school had terrible mold & would always make kids sick. We had asbestos all around us falling off the ceiling onto us. It's sad but now our new school passed so it'll get better fast.
Mooreland High School is probably one of the best schools I have ever attended. Honestly, when I first arrived I did not think I would have many opportunities presented to me. But, as I grew as a student, I soon realized that Mooreland High School was a perfect fit for me. Opportunities have been presented to me in the band program, National Honor Society, Computer Tech, and many other noteworthy organizations and classes provided at the school. One thing that could improve would be the high school overall. The school has major safety problems, but in a few years there will be a whole new school, which is great for the students that will be attending it then. Overall, Mooreland High School is a great place for anyone who wants to be known by all of the other students and have one on one help with their teachers.
My experience at Mooreland public schools has been okay. Okay, as in I made good friends and connected well with the teachers. One thing I would like to see improve would be the education. There's a few select teachers who actually seem to care, while others are just there to get their paycheck. When the teacher is involved, the more involved the students are, too. Another thing that needs to improve is the support of the extracurricular activities. Cross country, band, choir, etc., are not supported nearly as much as the football, basketball, or softball teams; although the first three have a higher performance rate with more "wins". Although there are some downfalls, there are a few positive aspects: the building of the new high school, new sports facilities, new band uniforms, and students who actually care (most of the students anyways). Even though the negative points seem to hit us harder, I know I wouldn't want to be in a school system anywhere else.
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Mooreland Public Schools is a great environment to be in. Since it is a small high school, you really feel like a family. You also can easily get help from your teachers during the study hall period. Growing up in this school has really been a joy for me and I am happy that I have received that opportunity.
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