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School experience was ok. Didn't receive a lot of help from counselors getting prepared for college. School os very diverse and I enjoyed my time as a student spending time with my friends. Some of the teachers were nice and made a impact in my life. Some of my teachers didn't even see me and weren't interested in the students education. We had school spirit during game time. Our basketball and football team were pretty good. I enjoyed spirit week and hanging out with my friends. I felt safe and secure at my school during my four years there.
I love it there. Like all places they have good and bad parts. They use your past against you and never let you show them that you are different. Some teachers are racist and most of the substitutes are worthless and don’t know anything.
I love how involved our teacher are within the district. Our teachers will fight for you to pass more than you will for yourself.
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I like Sothmoore High School, my son will graduate this year and it has been a lot of fun watching him enjoy his high school days.
I enjoy the different opportunities but I would like more of a focus on what matters. It’s very diverse but the food is awful. They should also be more understanding that each and every child learns differently.
I think the school can use more cultural events, social events for the students who experience lack of friends, and more teacher/ counselor involvement. Over all college prep is pretty good.
My overall experience in the Moore Public School system was very good and taught me many life lessons. I have created many lasting relationships and received a very good education. My basketball team is one of the best in the state and we have the best coaches around. What I like best about Moore Public Schools is the determination and care that the teachers and coaches express to their students. If I could change one thing about Moore Public Schools it would the preparation for the ACT. Overall the Moore Public schools system has done a great job for preparing kids for college.
Overall good exeperience, teachers know what they're doing. The environment is good for learning, and our academics are one of the highest in our district. Leaves students feeling college ready. Only thing would be offering financial literacy classes for only juniors and seniors - many leave highschool without a clue as to what they're supposed to do with their money (myself included).
Teachers do an exceptional job. Very good security and safety overall very good
environment for students to learn.
The only thing about Moore schools is that the teachers are very kind and helpful. However, the kids there can almost get away with anything and the discipline system is very weak.
Moore Public Schools generally handles situations very well. However, more money is being funneled into sports than is being funneled into the fine arts. I would like to see equal treatment for both clubs.
Moore Public Schools has helped shape me into the person I am today. It is tough to have an amazing school experience in a state where education is not focused on enough. In my school career, I have had many teachers that not only helped me with grades, but with life as well. I have been thought many lessons on how to function in “the real world.” I wish that the funding for schools would change because Moore Schools have the potential to be great, but they can’t do it all on their own.
Academics need to be better if the state wants to be seen as a strong state in the future. This means teachers need to be paid much better so they will stop moving to other states.
I’ve been going to Moore High School since my sophomore year and it’s a pretty huge school with a lot of different people. The teachers and principals stick to only one story, not really far but they always did/do it. Students are way out of hand and hard to control. My senior year they installed I.D scanners and not to let nobody in, so the security is okay.
There were many dedicated teachers, but it didn't out way the lack of funding. Many of the teachers would us their own money to buy school equipment such as; dry erase boards for each student to use in class, paper, colored pencils for the class, markers for the class, scissors for the class, and other things of that nature. The lunches were pretty bad and lacking in nutritional value. All in all it was an average school but I personally wouldn't college better.I graduated spring 2018.
Moore Public Schools have overflowing school spirit. Games are always a blast. Not only does the student body embrace athletics, but also extracurricular activities. Our magnificent band feels the love from the student body. The teachers are excellent and amazing people. However, I would like to see better renovations of the building and a larger parking lot which is in motion.
Everybody knows everybody in this community. The three high schools in the districtt are very big and have many people for all walks of life joining together and making changed one person at a time. We have our slip ups but overall we come toghether
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Every school I have ever attended has been within the Moore Public Schools system. I have been pleased with the education and protection I have been given. In my sixth grade year I attended an elementary school within the district that got hit by a tornado. The aftermath of that terrible day lagged on for a long time but the district made sure to pretext us. They protected us both mentally and physically by providing new safe rooms and other saftey precautions. Even long after that terrible day the district still checks up on their students that were heavily affected. For all the work that they have done and are doing I will forever be grateful.
Something i really liked about Moore Public Schools is that they seemed more focused on academics and preparing students. I would change the way the teachers are respected. A majority vote to go protest at the capitol for higher pay but they were denied.
Moore Public Schools is full of amazing people and a great atmosphere. Everyone from the administration to the teachers to students and parents, you can tell that Moore Public Schools is really a close community and care about the education of our students.
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