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Moore County Schools is a good school district with hard-working teachers and staff but some curriculum is in need of some refreshing. Most of the time, teachers are comfortable when teaching the curriculum from the "book" that is provided for them, while other times, not so much. Moore County schools also needs to begin to prepare us students for higher levels, whether it be a 4-year university or a community college. This process needs to begin the minute students enter their classrooms every day of the school year. All in all, Moore County schools is a great school district with minor adjustments that could be made.
Moore County Schools are amazing! I had the chance to interact with fellow classmates from other schools via club activities, sports, and more!
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the schools, but I would like to see more challenging classes on the campus.
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I like that the schools are relatively small and diverse, however some of the teachers and administrators are awesome and some are very lazy. They have also just recently taken away class validictorian which has upset many students in the schools and should not have been done.
Moore County Schools has a wide variety of class options including Advance Placement classes and option for dual enrollment at Sandhills Community College. School spirit is obvious when attending or participating in sports, band or theater. Administration is student centered and I feel prepared for college.
Moore County Schools is a great place to go to get an education. We have really good arts programs, like orchestra and band, and they are very enjoyable. There are a few things to improve, such as upkeep of the facilities, but other than that, it's great.
During the time I have attended Moore county schools I have had great times. Even though their were some challenges along the way which are in everything. I have learned a lot of things, I have even found myself from the help of teachers. More than anything I fell that the Moore county school district has help many kids accomplish their goals in life or even just has given us an extra push when they have saw a child in need or a child that hasn’t had anyone to show them what achievement looks like and with that I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get to the place I am in now.
Moore County Schools is an excellent school district. I have had nothing but great experiences with Moore County Schools.
I moved to North Carolina was I was nine. When I entered high school, it was the last straw. Moore County Schools is very poor at budgeting the money for the two high schools in our county. Because of this, there was a very real possibility that the arts (orchestra, band, visual arts, etc.) would be cut. At the sister high school, CTE classes like Animal Science, Business, etc. would also be removed from curriculum. Students would attend and protest at the county meetings. Finally, the school board came to their senses and came up with the funding for the arts. However, it was disappointing that sports never have to worry about being cut, as they would receive new uniforms, a new field, and a new scoreboard. As an athlete and a student of the arts, both are important to me. Growing up with this school system was full of disappointments, they do not seem to have the best interests of ALL the students at heart.
I think that the teachers are great! They do a superb job in teaching our children and really good at communication.
Moore County Schools gives a variety of opportunities for students of all ages to get involved within their school and community. It offers a rigorous academic program to challenge students to meet their full potential. Moore County Schools is always looking for ways to increase the success seen from year to year. One thing I would like to change is making all Schools in the district have grading scales on a 10 point scale. Therefore, it's a better indication of improvement and helps students prepare for what their future college might look like.
loved my school and the diversity and overall level of classes..The culture of the school is for the most part caring. Some teachers need to retire due to not being in touch with student and technology but most all teachers enjoyed working with teachers. Teachers participated in being club advisors and so many activities. Some politics when it came to sports but it is being fixed..
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