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Moon Area School District is an average school district. The music program is wonderful, but does not get the recognition that it deserves. The sports teams are prioritized over music, even though the music programs do just as much. The teachers are wonderful for the most part. The food is terrible in the cafeteria. The disciplinary system could use more work. The school will punish anyone who gets in a fight, even if it is out of self defense. The school district overall is very charismatic and has a lot of pride and school spirit. The curriculum is wonderful, and the school offers many diverse classes. I really enjoy how all the clubs are student led, and the students in this high school all have and use their own voices to represent the school.
Looking back, I got an incredible education with well rounded teachers who cared about their kids. I was offered many extra cuticular activities as well as in school clubs and organizations. They prepared me well for a work field and college. I never felt out of place or a burden. They always supported me like I was the only student there.
I enjoyed attending Moon because the teachers are very qualified in their areas of expertise. They are committed to helping students succeed and would take extra time out of their day to tutor or assist students with specific difficulties. I also enjoyed Moon's unrelenting school spirit. No matter how bad the football team played, students come out every Friday night in hoards to cheer for our peers. Moon Area also provides a very wide variety of choice in courses. Students are offered many classes oriented to their future plans, and we are able to sample different subjects such as journalism, accounting, photography, public speaking, or psychology. My time at Moon Are High School has been very lucrative in helping me succeed and choose what career I would like to pursue.
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Moon School has a very good education program. They offer special learning for gifted students. The Moon students are also very musically talented. The band and chorus are always competing. The sports program is excellent. The basketball team won the PA state championship last year. The gymnastics team is also very competitive. The students are usually very kind to one another. The teachers are mostly all very knowledgeable and supportive of the students. I have enjoyed my years at Moon and will miss them when I am done.
Moon Area High School is a good school. The only thing I would like to see change is the amount of teachers that actually care about what they are doing. I have had a handful of teachers that you can tell are there for the paycheck. Other teachers though have gone above and beyond to help me.
Moon is so welcoming to their students. The staff is always so willing to help and assist with their students whether that means extra time on a quiz or extra tutoring they make that time. Moon itself is also a gorgeous school. The glass and modern building really stands out over all. Even though our football team doesn't stand out our other sport teams are stellar.
Moon area school district is a very divested school with lots of academic and social opportunities. They are also very good at working with you if you have a problem.
Great campus setting, newer facilities. Top academic performers need more recognition (instead of being lumped in with the many other "high honors" students). Not enough guidance given to college bound students by counselors.
Moon school district cares more about putting out the false reputation of being an excellent school, the reality is they do not care enough about the children. My children are suffering because I kept thinking things would get better for them at school but after 2 yrs, many meetings and observing firsthand....I can say without a doubt that there are adult bullies hiding amongst our schools...and are being paid to “guide” our children. Save yourself the trouble and don’t send your children to moon school district.
Overall, my experience at Moon has been great! The sports, and academics have been great and the student body is willing to learn and support each other. The teachers care about you and administration is always looking to improve the school.
I went to Moon and enjoyed for the most part. The only thing I would change would the diversity. It was very affluent school, and I feel like it was not accepting to people of different backgrounds. Some people were rude to others and I wish Moon did more to change that.
I liked some teachers, I would like to see some more attention to clubs rather than sports. There's a big focus on sports and a lot of other things don't really get the recognition they deserve. Some teachers, however, really made an impact and I know they will leave a lasting impression forever. Others, not so much, but the ones that are good are really good.
Moon Area High School was overall a great experience for me. All of the teachers I had were very good at what they do. They were engaging and wanted you to learn and better yourself. The sports provided were amazing , there was so many options in playing a sport you want to play. Even if you played a sport the teachers were always there if you needed extra help during the season. Moon Area High School was overall a excellent and safe school district.
Overall I had a good experience. A lot of the teachers there are very good at teaching us students, and getting the education we need. Some teachers should not be employed. A couple teachers I had did not know how to teach or they would just write things on the boards and tell us what we were doing, but not actually teaching.
Most of the teachers here are phenomenal and the school is beautiful. The classes challenge you, but at times can get overwhelming if you’re a student who takes multiple AP/CHS/honors classes. I’m very privileged to go here, but there are only a few things I don’t sit well with in the rules (targeted dress code, very little creativity-involved activities, and the new inability to drop school courses that you find are too challenging [if you sign up, you’re in it].) As a junior with a sister in college, I have observed that the work ethic, self discipline, and challenging courses prepare a student for college very well and I am very grateful to receive education from a school such as Moon.
This is a great school to send kids to. It is a high ranking school when it comes to academics. Very clean and updated buildings, along with great athletic programs.
The last four years have been great at moon high school. The teachers and staff have helped prepare me not only for college, but for the responsibility and discipline that I need to know for the rest of my life. The great people, facilities, and resources i have been offered have guided me through my years. The sports programs are incredible and they all embrace a competitive yet family like environment. We strive for greatness at moon. Our courses have over prepared us. When I graduate, i know i will be ready for the word.
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Overall positives: Excellent facilities and classrooms with faculty that is generally very enabling and helpful. Maintains high standards of students which allows for a WAY less chaotic student body, in comparison to other high schools.

Overall negatives: Abstinence-based sex education programs that fails to inform students accurately and seemingly nonsensical allocation of funds to certain clubs/extracurriculars
Good school, good education, for the most part good teachers, however they treat their students like children and that does not get them anywhere near ready for college!!
The education is great at the school district. Its located in a very clean and safe environment. Parents and teachers are both involved in the community and work to keep the students safe on and off campus.
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