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I love the variety of classes from subject matter to course rigor, and it has a lot to offer. It is well above average for a public school and offers several extracurriculars so anyone can find something they enjoy. However, the school doesn't recycle, the administration is only concerned with reputation, and are often misguided and confused on how to care for the well-being of their students. However, having an officer in the school at all times makes everyone feel safer and is a great step to be taking.
Good teachers, nice atmosphere. Generally nice people and everyone is welcoming especially the staff. The football games and VBM tournament are go to's. The school sprit is another great addition the school.
I liked the school environment and the teachers. I think that the guidance counselors could be more involved but other than that I really enjoyed my experience.
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You can get a pretty decent education here, and most of the teachers here do really care. There are some nice students here but many are rich and entitled.
My counselor is excellent. Very supportive and responsive. Other School staff are good. Lunch has good food. Sports are geared for certain types.
I would like students to have more of a voice. They are often shut down by administration before they can express their views. But the teachers and courses are great!
The elementary schools are inclusive and student-oriented. The middle school is overly strict and serious. The high school has spirit, is studious, and offers many extracurricular or athletic programs. Everyone can find where they fit in at the high school; there is something for everybody.
I love this school district! I've worked at two of it's elementary schools. The staff is strong. The kids are smart. The opportunities are available.
The location is very quiet and suitable for learning. All the different sports grounds are close to one another so you do not need to travel far to reach a tennis court, football court, or softball field. The school provides chromebooks to all students, which makes the learning process a lot more efficient and easier.
Great school district that supports students in so many ways. 2018 National District of Character. Great teachers who really care. Excellent school spirit.
The teachers and the special services department are spectacular. Activities for the student body were great and full of school spirit. I have a lot of good memories from Montville Township High School. I will miss it but I’m ready to move on to college which is the way it should be. The only qualms I have are that we weren’t able to use many of the restrooms because they were all locked and if you were a second late you would receive a detention. There are some teachers that were let go that shouldn’t have been over the years when some others that should have been are still staff members. Overall I had a very good academic and memorable experience at MTHS and would recommend it to other parents and students.
Incompetent administration is matched only by their lack of concern for academics, they spend more on the sports teams and decorations than they do on actual materials for the students.
The school is good at getting its students into after school activities. At the beggining of the school year there is a club fair where students can look into a large variety of clubs to join which is great for making friends with those who have a common interest. Also sports are very fun. The coaches are nice and the teams are very welcoming. Not only that, but the schools teachers are flexible when students want extra help in a class.
For what Montville is, the schools are not at all bad. In fact, I think most people overlook how good they are.
The Montville Township School District has been a positive influence in my education. The resources are available for students to be successful if they chose to use them wisely. I am very fortunate to be part of this community and school system.
The enthusiasm of being a community is outstanding. Teachers are not cohesive with rules and behaviors. Code of conduct handbook should be reaccessed
I have been going to school in this district for almost all my life. I have to say that middle school was the worst experience for me with some teachers that picked favorites (not me). The high school teachers are pretty good and prepare us well for college, but there are some that do not teach well and make us learn the skill of “teaching ourselves.” The district is also putting expenses for almost everything which bothers some parents. Overall I would say that the school is fairly well, compared to most schools, but not close to being one of the top notch schools like Bergen academy.
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Most of the teachers and staff at Montville are wonderful people who are great at their jobs and actually seem to care about the students. The school spirit in Montville could be a little better; not everyone takes pride in the school even though they should, because we have great facilities with good teachers and academics. Our sports teams aren't great, but our facilities are very nice and a lot of money is put into the programs. Overall, Montville Township High School is a very solid school.
Good higher level classes offered (AP) and sports are pretty big including the marching band. Teachers could be better in their teaching skills. Some just use the same powerpoints and use outdated information.
I believe that this school has a lot to offer. It offers great facilities and everyone can feel involved. The academics are very strong and almost every teacher employed is very passionate in what they do. I would improve food options, more technology involvement, and update the interior.
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