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Montrose JrSr high school has come a long way from when I first attended. They offered many AP classes that I can now use to my advantage. They had many activities and the staff was very knowledgable and friendly. Unfortunately, the year after I graduated I believe many of the teachers went on strike. This did not affect me at all but it just did not look good for the school. Also Montrose JrSr High school forfeited many of their classes including anatomy before my first year. I wish I could've gotten education in this class. The guidance office could use some improvement. I actually had to contact my aunt who works in as a guidance counciler in another school district in order to get more information on early college courses. Overall my experience was very good but I always feel like there is room for improvement anywhere. That is why I am giving them 4 out of 5 stars.
Montrose is great for the average student. Good athletic programs and coaches especially the cross country and track and field programs.
This school district is awful. I gruduated from this school and so did my oldest child. I finally had to pull my younger two because he bullying, drugs, and sucides were everywhere. The school will not work with the parents to help the children and the teachers could care less if the children understand the work or not. The teachers are some of the highest paid teachers in the country and all they really care about is the money. I wish I didn’t have to deal with this school district at all. My oldest is now in his second year of college and still struggling with basic writing techniques.
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Montrose Area School District hires great teachers that really care about their students and want to see them succeed. The district prides itself on providing many opportunities for social interaction and whole child development.
I graduated from this high school in 2017, and wouldn't have wanted to go to any other school. This high school really has high academics and gets their students involved in activities and sports whenever possible. I had a very enjoyable high school experience by attending Montrose area high school. The school is located right in my home town so it has always been close by and at a very convenient location for those living in small town Montrose.
We are a small and quaint town that love new people. The school is filled with students eager to learn and techers who are looking forward to giving what students crave.
The teachers are very nice and most of the time the students are but the main concern at this school is if the teachers are getting paid enough. That's mostly all they care about and favoritism to teachers kids.
The teachers dont really care about the students or the quality of their education. They arent quick to work with the parents either. Most of the principles are great though.
Most of the teachers are pretty nice and care about you arundel your future. There are a few that don't seem to care however.
If you love drama then Montrose is where you belong. The kids here just love to cause drama.
I left this school district because I feel they are concerned with areas that they shouldn't be overly concerned and aren't addressing serious issues, suh as bullying.
Montrose is like any other high school. There are the typical cliques; jocks, cheerleader, outcasts. Unlike major city schools though, there isn't this suffocating feeling where everyone is pressured to be a "somebody". There's an openness to the place that comes with a small town.
Overall, in my time at Montrose Area Jr/Sr High School, I have received a great education in a welcoming atmosphere with friendly faculty. The one thing that this school lacks is diversity as there is little to none of it. I have many opportunities to expand my horizons and grow as a young professional. I have obtained the guidance and life-skills necessary to move on to further education and a successful future.
Montrose Area School District is a very small, country-like school. On top of a hill, our school gets a ton of wind, so a warm sweater is advised, especially in the brutal winters. Our heating system, along with many other things, is not high quality. One good thing about the school would be the cheese-filled breadsticks and beautiful view from some windows. Other than that, our school is nothing compared to a well populated school.
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