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Teachers are great and genuinely care about their students. They go above and beyond to dedicate their time to benefit students’ education. The staff is also incredible with their concern for safety. In addition, they contribute to making the students feel welcome and comfortable.
I enology coming to montrose high school! The teachers are mostly all super cool and they all have their unique way of teaching ,yet I’m able to learn something from each one! There’s also tons of activities and classes to chose from.
I went to school in this district from my elementary school days all the way up through my High School years. While I had a handful of teachers who where very impactful in my life the overall experience was mixed. The school did not offer many clubs to help greater learning, but very heavily focused on sports which is a positive in some aspects, but due to the focus suffers in other respects. The arts, and speech programs suffered heavily, and it showed. I wish we could of had better funding for essentials and better computer learning for things such as, computer engineering and programming.
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I’ve gone to Montrose high for four years. It has had its up and downs, but recently with all the school threats, they took a lot more care of us then before. The teachers teach us a lot of things that are related to college and prep. My senior has been the best. Not just the part of leaving the school, but the things I learned about the world I’m suppose to be prepared for. The high school is aging, but the learning material is growing and activities and possibilities are expanding each year. We introduced a gaming league in the last year that has been even more successful then all of our normal sports teams. The school is good but could be better in some areas.
Montrose high school can be a god scholl acedemically if you take the right classes and have the right teachers, but you also have to ignore your environment.
The staff of Montrose High School was not personable and was not driven for student success. The classes were large and often had severe distracting students permitting others from learning. Many of the coaches were great mentors for academics and extra curriculars including clubs.
Some teachers do not care about students or their job. They don’t put a lot of effort into making sure we actually learn and succeed. I also feel that the students had a lack of repsect and were lazy due to the lack of discipline in school. Not a lot of people participating in clubs, there aren’t very many. When it comes to athletics many students including myself have had bad expierences with the program and the teachers which wasn’t very fun. One of the upsides to the school district that I have noticed personally is that I have never encountered a bully situation or witnessed one.
My experience in High School will be something unforgettable. Since the first day of class till the last, I loved the involvement of the teachers with the students. Teachers were not only seen as teachers, they were seen as friends and people we could look up to. They always encouraged you to do the best and were always there when you needed the help. Montrose taught me how to become a leader, and how to become a peer to many others. I would not like to see anything change because the involvement of the school with its students is phenomenal. They always work hard to fulfill the needs of students which makes the school perfect.
Love my teachers and counselor and their willingness to help. I’ve always been able to do my best because of their constant support and pushing me forward.
Montrose offers a fantastic honors program from grade school up into junior high, and in high school they offer expansive honors and AP courses that are easily accessible. I moved there in fifth grade and I met many fantastic teachers that were willing to help me along the way.
I attend Montrose High School and this facility has a very wide variety of classes, after school activities , and club. They have many options for honors, advanced placement, and colleges classes which are a fraction of the cost sompared to college courses. The after school activities fit almost every sport and physical club into the daily regimen. They have practice either before or after school for about two to three hours. The clubs, physical or not, are also included into the daily regimen at Montrose High School. There are many varieties of clubs such as national honors society or art club. Overall I believe that this school has a very strong community that is willing to help each other.
Diversity classes and an elementary gym teacher who doesn't make girls do crunches in dresses would be nice.
I attended several of the schools, Montrose High School, Columbine Middle School, Cottonwood Elementary School, and the Olathe Elementary School. Overall I would say that Montrose County has excellent schools. The staff tries very hard to help the students succeed. I especially enjoyed the Automotive, and FFA programs offered by the Montrose High School. They are both top notch programs. Although the staff and programs are very good at these schools, the schools themselves could use a lot of improvements, especially that of Columbine Middle School, where buckets are placed in the hallways during the winter and spring to catch meltwater leaking through the ceilings.
I think the school district works well, and tries it's best to have the students interests in mind. Public school just didn't work for me, so I went private.
Overall I liked Montrose High School. It has a lot of cool things to participate in such as clubs or sports. I would like to see the actual facility itself change. The old wing could use an update but other than that it wasn't to bad!
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