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The teachers really know how to connect with their students and build relationships with them. Many of them played major roles with helping me navigate my way through planning my future after high school. If I could change one thing it would be the class requirements to graduate.
Equal opportunities for everyone. You shouldn't have to be the most popular kid in school, the richest, the best looking, or the kid with the best grades in order to benefit from the high school experience. Too often, the kids that fall into the above categories are selected for things first. Healthy competition is good. Striving to better yourself is good. But what if a kid misses out on an opportunity because that kid doesn't test well? What if that kid had to be raised by a set of low income grandparents because their parents died in a motor vehicle accident? We preach about a society with equal opportunity yet even in our schools, we continue to be subjected to "the favorites". We need to look beyond the socioeconomic backgrounds of kids and who they know. Spend some time with an "average" kid. A kid who wants to make a difference in the world, but is not given that opportunity because all things are not created equal in high school life.
The school is engaged with the students. It offers diverse academic paths for students, clubs to meet all interests, and strong student/teacher relationships. Thereshould be more done to help the slower students strive for sucess, instead of mainly focusing on the AP/Honors students.
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Prepared me for my future and most of the teachers wanted to make sure of the students success. Also great sports teams
The high school was recently remodeled. The facilities are modern with lots of natural lighting. Most teachers are the best they can be.
Everyone from the teachers to the custodians were authentic and down to earth people. The friendships I developed at my high school will be hard to compete with, not only because of how bonded we became, but because of how many I acquired.
I am so thankful to have graduated from Montoursville Area High School. I had such a great time. I connected so well with teachers who, and make so many new friends through the years. We have such a great academic program, and our teachers love to see and help us achieve the grades we work hard for. Also, school spirit is no exception here. Home games and cheering on the warriors in the student section is something I will never forget. The feeling of the team scoring a touchdown, and everyone screaming and jumping up down was such a rush. Overall, the school felt like home, everyone got along! We rarely experienced violence, or bullying. Again, I am happy to be an Alumni of Montoursville Area School District. Once a warrior, always a warrior!
At Montoursville Area School Distict, as a school it's very well developed with academics and planning, but I personally believe it is too evolved around sports.
Montoursville Area School District is a fantastic, well rounded, challenging school district. A smaller sized district that allows for personalized instruction that meets the needs of all students. There are many opportunities that reach all students including sports, tech, and the arts. All in a small town atmosphere.
The teacher's and administrators in the district are absolutely superb. The teacher's genuinely care about the students, and make sure that they actually understand what they are teaching. The teacher's also give advice to seniors like myself on what college and major they think I should choose. The building itself is in bad shape, and the taxpayers for the longest time weren't willing to pay higher taxes to pay for a new school. However, a new school is currently under construction and will be done soon! The technology in the school currently is very slow and out of date. However, once again with the new school this will get better. The school does not offer a wide variety of courses that you may find other places, although they do offer AP courses. There is little to no diversity in the school. So if you are looking to be culturally enlightened, MASD is not the place for you.
Solid school, definitely best in the area, but an obstructionist school board was elected. That coupled with poor builder partnerships forced our school district to come millions of dollars over budget for a new school.
Montoursville is a special town. In times of need the community comes together to support on another like no other. The downfall of this type of town is that everyone seems to feel their opinion is most important and most correct. The school board tends to make decisions that represent only a portion of the constituents rather than compromising to meet the needs of all.
Montoursville is a small school, which provides a lot of positive interaction between students and teachers. The teachers are very involved in our academics and push students to succeed. If I could change one thing it would be the fighting between our school board and residents.
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