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I am currently a high school senior and I have enjoyed going to this school district for the past 5 years.
Montour is a great school district to go to. The teachers really care about the student's grades and well being. The one thing I would change is for them to better prepare us for college, how to apply, how to find scholarships, etc.
Pretty average school that focuses more on Public image than their students. Many courses get cut, but all students are given Chromebooks to do work with.
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What I liked about the District is that they provide the students with multiple learning opportunities, so that they can learn the best way they understand from it. Dislikes is the number of restrictions when it comes to certain things.
I like Montour because it very opening and you have a decent amount of support. Wht I believe that need to be fix is security especially with all the school shooting. Also readiness for college and actually taking classes that are need for life not a class to take and have no use of it.
I have really enjoyed my time at Montour School district and feel it is a very excellent school for anybody who wants to go there. Most teachers are very kind and caring and want the best for their students.
Just about all the teachers did not seem like they wanted to be there. They would come in late and then make us do busy work almost everyday. On the positive side, the school was updated.
terrible school. it is all about who you know and what your last name is. kid's that have parents that are on the booster's get special treatment and all the teachers got their jobs from a family member on the school board.
The physical school district is beautiful. However, administration runs the school with an iron thumb. They allow zero wiggle room for anything, very very conservative, as they are not accepting to alternative teaching styles, even if the style is effective.
The Montour School District provided me access to wonderful teachers who fostered and fueled my academic curiosity and prepared me for the rigors of a post-secondary education.
Montour is good school . My kids love it.
Academically it is good but I don’t find any after school clubs here .
It is kind of a joke tbh. Workload is very manageable for the average student (not referring to try hards and biomed nerds.) I feel like most days I walk out of there pretty numb to the fact I did anything at all.
I liked the technology advances that we have and how they are student centered and focused on learning and achieving high expectations.
Montour School District has been awesome. I'm a senior this year looking forward to attending a four year college in 2019. My school district has been there for me in all aspects. Autism is what I have been diagnosed with. I have always had an IEP with Montour. I really didn't understand the positive impact the school district has had on me till recently. Currently I hold a 4.0 GPA, and take part in numerous clubs. Track/Field is my sport. This fall I became Homecoming King! I believe Montour has always provided the best environment for learning. Faculty, principals and councilors have always been supportive to my needs. My parents and school district have always worked together to offer the best educational plan for me. Montour encouraged me to persevere and take on challenges. I look forward to my future. I feel confident in taking on new challenges. Continuing my journey I have a nothing but appreciation for Montour.
I love the Montour School District. From the clubs and organizations to simply the teachers, being involved was a great way to enhance my love and passion for my high school. Without the teachers, I wouldn't have gained the confidence I needed to succeed as a student and a member of the club I am in, which is Montour Associate of Marketing and Advertising (MAMA). I feel very proud to be a part of this district where student center learning and student success is the top priority. Overall, I am proud to be apart of the Montour School District!
I love this school district! I’ve been attending Montour since kindergarten and will be graduating from there in the spring. The teachers and faculty do their job above and beyond. They try their hardest to make the learning entertaining. The school’s not perfect but there’s much more good than bad, and I wouldn’t want to attend school anywhere else.
I thought Montour was just an average high school experience. Some teachers actually cared about their jobs but there we a lot who did not.
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Great school filled with supportive people. Filled with great staff members and teachers who actually enjoy being there, and who enjoy teaching.
Montour is a very great school for learning and teaching. Making friends nowadays is somewhat difficult because of the division of the students.
I have had a pretty well-rounded high school experience. The entire school pushes their students to succeed in everything they do.
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