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great opportunities for education They keep the safety of the students at mind. They also take grades very seriously. LOTS activities and student organizations to be apart of.
The Monticello School District is a school that is for all intensive purposes average. You have wonderful teachers that want to see you succeed as well as teachers who want the exact opposite. The administration is slightly above average, although they can be inconsistent and sometimes have asinine rules.
My favorite thing about Monticello was the connection I made with friends. The teacher also cared if you excelled or not. They went out of their way to help you succeed in your academics. The school district also gives you the chance to take college classes which I think is a great opportunity for seniors and juniors to get into the feel of classes before actually heading to college.
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I have had a good high school experience at Monticello High School. As a transfer student I have experiences both school districts in our town and I feel like Monticello School District has pushed me to fulfill my full potential.
I love Monticello School District, it is a very clean and fun place to be. We have some of the best classes offered at our school. The district is always finding a new way to better our campus and make it more interesting. Every year there is something new added to our school. The only thing I see that needs improvement is the food in the cafeterias. Other than that it is a very great district.
As now a official alumni of Monticello School District, I enjoyed my years as a Monticello student. I was very involved within extracurricular activities as a student in which I learned about leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, and have friends for a lifetime. Monticello School District is very personal and family-like school district where you are able to have great relationships with your teachers, coaches, and other workers of the school. Monticello School District is where I started and finished my first part of my education and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
During my four years of this school it was a lot of drama. Some teachers cared for you they loved to help but others didn't care. Overall the sports and clubs are very participative. Track, Basketball, Softball, Baseball they're all brilliant teams. I would like to see the way students change at the school.
I liked how they tried to make it safe for everyone. what i would change is how the facility treated us. a lot of the times they were rude to the students
My stay at Monticello High School was fairly enjoyable. I liked the scheduling of the school. I would like to see more class options in college.
I personally enjoyed the school. the staff is friendly and helpful to students. I have attended this school throughout all of my school time and are very happy with it. The environment you are in is a learning yet friendly. They really help prepare you to continue your career or education.
They try to get you prepared for your future! You may have difficulty but who doesn't. They try to be there for you regardless of the situations you are facing! Sometimes they even try to put themselves in your shoes. Like any other school the cafeteria food isn't always what you want it to be but they try to give you a well nutritious meal throughout your day at school.
The Monticello private school I attend teaches you a lot of responsibility. It is a self-teaching program study where you teach yourself and only have assistance from an adult when you need help. I feel like it has helped me prepare for studying in college since the I have had to learn to teach myself and study in the program.
I would like to see more funding in the extra curricular activities in the school. Also more activities provided by the school.
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