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Monticello Public School District Reviews

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Great teachers and know how to interact with the students, but sometimes the students don't feel comfortable in the area.
Great Teachers, and sometimes they do locker check ups, since there have been accidents of students having drugs.
Monticello is a very unique town. We have so many different students from all types of backgrounds. Overall, we are very diverse and that's what makes us great!
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The kids are, for the most part respectful. Most of the teachers are amazing and are excited to teach. At the high school, There is a handful who should not have a teaching job. They either do not teach, or are extremely rude. The elemetary and middle school teachers are awesome!
I had a good experience at Monticello high school. The teachers were helpful, friendly, and educated. The atmosphere is very positive and good to be around. There are enough college classes to get a head start on college credit, which is nice for both juniors and seniors. The building itself is very unique and set up well. One special thing about Monticello high school is it’s unified program. This year a new gym class called Unified was created that mixes special education and regular education students into one class. This is very unique to Monticello for its unitity between students. Aside from the positives, there is one negative. The sports programs are very favored, and whichever program is favored, gets the most attention. The other programs seem to be pushed aside and forgotten about.
I think the school has a very nice and comforting vibe. There aren't many things to critique about it. A few things I would change is to have an open campus lunch. It would give students freedom and an opportunity to regain their energy. I also wish there was an option to graduate early as a senior. As of now, it isn't an option and I wish it was, because sitting through electives that aren't needed feels like a waste of my time.
All of the students are very imature and some of the male teachers/faculty are very sexist and rude. The school does not put the students first and they play favorites.
Monticello High School is an amazing environment that not only provides opportunities for students to take college level classes, but the staff is geared towards making sure that every student is successful. We have a variety of sports and clubs you can join, organizations to help the community as a whole, and support for whatever a students needs may be. I wouldn't be on the path that I am today of becoming a nuclear engineer without this incredible facility.
This school district is well knit into it's community. Extracurricular programs were rather important to Monticello in order to provide participation and unity within the community.
I attended Monticello high school for all four years of my high school career. I was an above average student who was given the ability to take challenging classes but I had to seek them out. There are few resources or staff who are willing help unless specifically asked to do so. I graduated with over a year of college credit but had to consistently push the school to assist me in my pursuit of these credits. There are some very great teacher but there are also some very poor ones. The students are mainly nice but there are many cliques within the school. Overall Monticello is a good school for students who are motivated enough to champion for their academics as no one will do it for you.
I would like to see a change in the attitudes of the alumni and teachers and have a better understanding on mental health and what the school can do to better the lives of students struggling with these issues.
The school itself is not bad in any right, the teachers are wonderful and the facility is clean. There are some things I take issue with however. I think the administration is hopelessly out of touch with the student body and it shows with their flamboyant spending on things that have become detrimental to the kids they're supposed to help. Don't expect to enjoy your meal unless you hang out in a classroom to eat it because God forbid they actually heat the "cafeteria". The parking permits are $100.
Monticello High school has been an amazing school while I have attended it. It has a very community feeling. Everyone is civil with each other even if they don't like one another. After attending me senior year I do not think there would be a lot of change to change in the school. It has had an amazing upgrade this year and I was glad to be in the school after all the wonderful changes. If I had to change anything is would be to allow there students to have open campus lunches.
I really liked how all the staff truly care about all their students. I believe their slogan is "every kid, every day." The counselling staff, their main goal is to make sure every kid graduate on time. Even if the kid got straight f's all the way through high school, they still somehow manage to get most of their credits in and they graduate on time. It's truly a special school.
It is a good school. I'm glad my son is a part of it. The Community and parent involvement is exceptional. We have Facebook groups that allow us to ask questions and get advice. There are a few things they could work on as far as preparing out kids for college. They also need to find a way to work out a better food system. Many of the kids don't get enough to eat especially when they are in activities.
Monticello Public Schools is just an average high school with pretty good academics. The teachers are very helpful and the administration is fabulous. I wish they would allow early graduation and open campus lunch.
I loved my teachers and courses offered at the school. My experiences with sports and other activities made my high school career amazing.
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After my four years here, I thought it was okay. The faculty is amazing because they will do anything to help you succeed. For AP classes, the teachers make review study sessions a few weeks before the exam. For math classes, they offer Saturday review sessions once a month which also includes ACT practice tests. I also like the new open lunch and I don't think they should return to a, b, and c lunch schedule and open lab once a week. They should keep this new open lunch schedule and maybe next year they should allow the students to go off campus for lunch like to go home or out to eat.
I have been in Monticello schools my whole life. Overall I would say it has been a great experience. The staff is interactive with students and kind to everyone who deserves it. They don't leave students behind when they fall back; they push them forward. The students are all good kids and treat other students with respect. They live up to the school saying "Every Kid Every Day."
All of the teachers are very willing to work with you. They truly care for each and every student. The classes are fitted to every student. The Monticello School District saying really describes us "Every Kid Every Day."
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