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I graduated in 2016. I was on the girls' soccer team my junior and senior years. The soccer program, for both boys and girls, was awful compared to the other sports. While other teams would often receive new jerseys and equipment, the soccer teams did not.

Most of the teachers were good and accommodating. Starting in my senior year, everyone would have to receive at least a C on their exams. Although this sounds great, the teachers weren't very helpful.

This school seemed to obsess on college readiness. It seems we couldn't learn any real-world skills. However, on the good side of this, a lot of people ended up knowing what they wanted to do when we went to college.
The teachers are extremely helpful, and they care about their students. If a student has a disability they are amazing at making sure that the student gets the extra help they need with their homework.
It helped shape me as a person and allowed me to explore different classes to see what work field I would be most interested in. It gave me a better feel as to how I wanted to continue my education with where to go and what to study.
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I love how supportive many of the teachers are! If you have a bad day, there is always a teacher or counselor there to help. I have great relationships with my teachers, and I will miss them next year when I'm in college!
I believe that the Monticello Community School District offers a very good opportunity for learning. The teachers genuinely care about the students, and their academic performance. If a student isn't doing well, they go out of their way to make sure those students get back on track.
Another great part of Monticello is the sports. Our sports always seem to do well, especially in cross country and track and field. No matter what sport people do, there is always support and always a great fan base.
Overall, Monticello schools are a great place to have a child learn and grow, and it's an amazing town.
Monticello school district is one of the best school districts in iowa. It really prepares students for the real world. It's a very safe and positive environment for childeren.
Administration needs a lot of work. Many punishments are pushed upon students who do not necessarily deserve them. Students' best interests are not always taken into account, graduation is the only end goal for administration.
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