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I'm on my last year of being in this horrible school. Not gonna lie there are many things I've accomplished but in general thus school is beyond horrible
Overall, I believe some of the kids are rude and the school is old and run down. But we have an awesome staff members and teachers that really care about us.
Monticello Central School District has been an amazing place for me to grow and learn. I've met and become friends with friendly and beautiful teachers that have encouraged me to push myself to greatness, and I couldn't have done it without them.
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I have not had many great experiences here throughout my whole school life. I have been bullied by students and teachers alike.
The best part of Monticello is the visual arts and music programs, however, they are underfunded. additionally, there is only a hand full of courses that prepare you for life outside of high school. But the teachers are supportive, friendly, and willing to help students whenever possible.
Monticello was always known for there music programs. I was a music student and I actively participated in every music class such as ( Band, wind ensemble, music history, performance skills, chamber music and music honor society) The music department deserves an A+ and has helped a lot to advance those kids who even if they aren't going into a music major, still have the opportunity to pursue music as a side job.
too many fights, people have zero respect for teachers and authority, authorities take no control over it. the school does show support for college courses, and helps students when they need it.
i love how this school is very diverse and open to others. you will always see a wide array of inclusion exhibited all throughout and around the school to creat a welcoming environment. however, the lunch sucks and the school needs to offer more ap classes to students to help them get further in their future endeavors in college
At Monticello the education here is ok, the only reason I go to school is for my BOCES program where it can help me pursue my future career. If school was like this in general there won't be many drop outs, as students we feel like we learn pointless stuff that's not going to help us later on in life but if school just had stuff that can help us directly to our career path or our college life it would be so much better. At Monticello there are trying to make us into a school that we are not because they don't understand our community, we have no budget and our school feels like it's about to crumble. Also they invest so much in boys sports but leave girl sports to fend for our selves.This year's athletic director was good because unlike the school he actually pages attention to the girl sports equally as the boy sports. We just need some improvements and some simple changes but this school especially the superintendent is unwilling to make changes.
Monticello school district is a great place to learn. The teachers are helpful and create an open-minded atmosphere for education. The buildings and facilities can use improvement.
Bring the community together more often holding events that will help in such diversity. With its having over a thousand students and help them stay engaged one another can help if the faculty and coaches and mentor all worked together to achieve bringing community together. I learned a lot and they had many programs that are beneficial to me having success in college to this date. They have great teachers and staff. There is always room for change if its going to help the future employees and graduates of this community. Some may go on to be a voice of a company one day so this will help with communication skills.
The Monticello Central School District is a pretty efficient school in terms of academics. This school offers a variety of courses that some schhols dont offer, like college courses. This school is diverse when it comes to race and culture which is what makes the school exciting. I believe that we can use this nto our advantage by making more clubs that will allow us to embrace our culture and share it with the community. This school also needs a change in the breakfast and lunch that it offers. This is hard to do considering the fact that this is a state/government topic since they are in charge of what is served, but this is something that should be tackled. Overall this school is average, but it can be changed to the point that it is outstanding.
Monticello has lots of diversity and challenging classes. If students take advantage of the opportunities given to them, this school can provide lots for students.
I really like the new initiatives that will help our students strive for excellence. The district puts the needs of each student at the front. Safety, academics, clubs, etc., all work together to help our students. They are learners today to become leaders tomorrow.
My experince at Monticello HS was okay overall. Theres alot of misbehaved kids, teachers who favor students, coaches who favor students and very fake people all around.
They installed common core learning which is a horrible way to teach kids topics.
The food is awful.
The parents are very invovled and they're a few teachers who really do care about students well being.
A very diverse school with nice teachers to connect with. Things I would like to see is better school lunch.
I'm a senior at the High School, and I've really loved my four years here. Almost every single teacher I've had was wonderful, and genuinely interested in the success of the students. However I would not say the same for the administration, definitely not as focused on students as they need to be. But wonderful music and performing arts programs, lots of college classes available, and really cool electives. I'll definitely miss this school at least a little.
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Monticello has a fantastic performing arts program and is one of the best in the country. I would like to see more help from our guidance counselors about planing for college.
I had a great time. The teachers really helped me graduate. My basketball team won our Division in 2015. The food is terrible.
As a senior and someone who has gone to school in the district since Kindergarten, Monticello school district has a LOT of improvement to do. Monticello School District needs to tighten up on helping kids get to college and helping them work hard to get to their goal. I feel as if they are a selection of teachers who truly enjoy helping their students, and a widespread of them who do the bare minimum. Albeit it has been a bumpy road, I truly have found amazing mentors and have made memories in Monticello High School. There is a widespread of academic choices along with many electives in order to fuel student's creative sides.
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