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Montgomery Township School District Reviews

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Horrible school spirit, rude students, parents, and staff. Don't be prepared to succeed unless you do all the work yourself.
Montgomery High School was a great experience. They push their students hard and enforce a strong work ethic.
The academics were very good but there was a lot of work overall and the stress level was very high. Between sports, extracurriculars, and academics, high school students don't have a lot of free time to do what they want. Similarly, it puts a lot of pressure to manage time well and as high school students, that's not always easy.
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Schools are competitive but overall great. Lots of diversity and the administration cares about the students. definitely recommend
I have been attending the Montgomery School District since kindergarten. The schools are all very well maintained and contain state of the art technology. Especially in the high school, the teachers and resources available to students are incredible. Teachers do everything in their power to ensure that they students understand and learn more than just that basic curriculum. Additionally, there are a variety of courses offered to students. This ensures that there is something to interest everyone. There are also multiple levels of subjects available so that all students are able to learn at a speed that is right for them. In my experience and my older sister’s experience, Montgomery can be a little competitive, but it really prepares you for college and the real world. The schools are all safe, clean, and well maintained. So far, I have enjoyed my experience in Montgomery and feel like I have been taught well and am prepared to attend college and partake in my future.
Terrible learning environment. Terrible board of education. Terrible superintendent. Terrible administration.
No security, anybody can walk in front door.
Teachers are currently working to contract so the entire high school is not functioning properly. Students are suffering. No communication from admin or school board.
I would never have put my child in this school district if I knew what the experience was going to be like.
Montgomery has a great education system that has gotten previous students well prepared for college. However, I would like it if there was a greater variety of classes to take.
Currently, there are some issues with the teachers union and the BOE so everything is a bit tense but otherwise great education and extracurricular opportunities
The facilities that the school provides along with the student body and staff is unmatched. There are clubs designed for every type of student and finding people to fit in with is simple because of the diversity it has.
The teachers of Monty are generally nice and have their own style of teaching. Junior Honors/AP English and Science teachers rely heavily on critical thinking. Special education teachers, counselors, and advisors are kind and helpful to students.
There are many academic clubs, activities, and sports to join. It's a way to bond with students who share the same interests.
School security and safety drills are held once-twice a month. The food is very good and you're given one hour to eat during lunch and five minutes before and after class to get food if needed (no eating in class).
It's important to remember not to compare yourself to other students and just continue to try your best.
I have attended Montgomery township schools since Kindergarten. It is a very demanding school district with many challenging course incorporated throughput the curriculum. I have enjoyed the sports programs available playing both baseball and ice hockey in the district. Most recently as a high school junior earning my varsity letter for ice hockey. I look forward to my senior year and continuing my college application process. I feel well prepared for college due to the rigors of my high school curriculum.
I grew up in Montgomery and felt so prepared for college and post-graduate life thanks to my education that I received from this district. The teachers are all fantastic and go above and beyond to ensure that they are accommodating to students needs.
Very good teachers. Lots of oppportunities for students. Great academics that get kids ready for college and beyond.
Amazing school district and the staff are very supportive of the students. There is so much diversity, and people get along with each other very easily. Academics isn't too competitive, so don't worry!
Fantastic teachers, quality education, poor school culture. I graduated in 2017 thanks to my amazing teachers and guidance counselor who were very accomodating and dedicated to making sure I graduated on time. No diversity in the student body. A competitive school. They need to improve on student clubs and services.
It's ok. Pressure to do well in STEM. If you're not good at that forget about it, you might as well be useless.

Good learning disabilities services i guess
Great teachers for the most part, was built relatively recently therefore there are up to date materials such as whiteboards in each room, the hallways are clean and classrooms are spacious. The cafeteria has a balcony that surrounds the top of it and it is overall a cool environment.
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It was great. The curriculum is controversial but is vital to the learning experience. Teachers are cool, counselors are cool, environment is stressful but worth it in the end.
Very stressful academic environment. Competitive academically and athletically. Parents are involved, sometimes too involved. College talk begins too early.
Is a good school. The very implement of what a school should be in Montgomery is great. The falling factor is everything else. Yes there is freedom but is still a very strict somewhat decent atmosphere in the school. Very comforming environment.
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