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I started in Montgomery in 4 th grade and graduated in 2018. I had such an excellent experience there. My teachers have all been so good and i played soccer all 4 years of high school.
My last 3 years, going into my 4th and final year at this school, and all the staff is very supportive and pushes you towards your dreams. Our school is against bulling, and if we see bulling we stand up for whoever is getting bullied. We all have learned so much and support everyone and anyone for anything they want to be in the future. As a senior class of 2020 I plan on spreading positivity through the school halls and classrooms.
This school district as a whole only cares about their overall rating and how to make it higher. They force their smartest students to participate in randomized testing that will help boost their overall scores and put emmence pressure on their students because of this.
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I’ve gone to an Montgomery school district my whole life. Overall it’s a great school and the students safety and well-being is their top priority.
MISD is a fantastic district affording many opportunities to students at all grade levels. From the arts to academics to sports, students have the opportunity to explore their interests and grow in many areas. The teachers are committed to the students and the administration is supportive of the needs of the student body. It’s exciting to see this small-town district continue to grow and evolve!
Liked that they let us be somewhat independent. Would change communication between staff and student
I liked that the school had a lot of clubs. The teachers are really involved and generally interested in teaching.
My experience in MISD has been very good. Not only have I had great teachers who have helped me significantly in my academics, but I have also had opportunities to get involved with my community through the school's variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. The only thing I would like to see change is the time school starts, for I have to wake up at 5:10 every morning to be at school when it starts at 7:20.
I’ve been enrolled in the Montgomery Intermidiate School District since kindergarten and it has been a great experience. I’ve always had an abundance of school activities to participate in that involved me in the community. From fun runs and grade concerts in elementary, to basketball tournaments in intermediate, to the historic junior high scanvenger hunt, to the powderpuff game and pep rallies of highschool. MISD has given me so much more than an education from friendships to memories I’ll carry with me throughout the rest of my life.
what I like about Montgomery independent school district is that, most of the teachers do one on one work with the students.
I have attended MISD for 9 years, the faculty goes above and beyond to make each students experience nothing short of exceptional.
I love the way my teachers go or if their way to form relationships with me. They are always helpful in offering tutoring and extra credit.
GreT experience moved here years ago for better schools and I have exceeded my own expectations and have always held a high GPA and could t be more happier with my education and my pursue to want to be a marine biologist
It was good! Teachers need to be more involved in students lives. Coaches are important too. They allow students to have an adult figure to go to. But for the students that do not have or play a sport, need someone to go to that is not their parents. Teachers are a great resource and can be awesome friends.
I have been in the Montgomery School System since 5th grade and have had nothing but positive experiences. I've never had an uncaring teacher and have been able to participate in numerous clubs and sports. The community is very welcoming and helping students succeed is their number one priority.
The faculty and administration in Montgomery is atrocious. Aside from a few select educators who did an excellent job at their position, I felt completely isolated by most teachers, relying on my own motivation and work ethic in order to provide myself an education.
Montgomery High School has many different organizations and activities that you can be involved in. There are also many U. I. L. opportunities in which to be involved in.
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I have been in the Montgomery School district since I have been in kindergarten and I am graduating this year as a senior. My overall experience with Montgomery Independent School District has been a great one. I have learned many useful and profitable things during my time. The administration and faculty who work at all the MISD schools are very knowledgeable and helpful. They truly care about the students who attend their schools and truly care about the parents of the students as well. The best way to describe Montgomery ISD to anyone is family. All students who attend Montgomery, the faculty and even the parents and citizens of Montgomery are the most welcoming, honest, helpful and overall good people. All in all, my experience in MISD has been an extremely beneficial one and I would recommend anyone to move to the best school district in the state of Texas.
Nice school with good teachers and very nice area. None of the students stand for bullying but there is a lot of fighting if anything.
Montgomery High is a decent school. The majority of the teachers love their job and are very passionate at what they do. The teacher pursue an absolute excellent job at illustrating what to teach the students and help them get a good grade. Administration does a decent job at preventing violence at the school. The counselors do a deliberate job on guiding students through college applications and scholarships. Though a down side of the school is administration and counselors contain high opinions of some teachers and sometimes students and the counselors do a very poor job on counseling students on personal occurances.
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