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My experiences in Montgomery County Schools was one that was not really a good experience for me. I believe that Montgomery County Schools could have done better with their teaching staff and made a contribution to their district by allowing for more activities to immerse the students into diverse cultures and become more sociable people. The teachers could also have been better at educating students and helping the students to learn better and more proficiently. Overall, Montgomery County Schools could do a better job with their teaching skills and strive to help the students achieve more in academics while trying to immerse the students in society by meeting a variety of characters through extracurricular activities.
Montgomery County Schools has prepared me college from K-12 and I couldn’t ask to be in a better district.
Montgomery County Schools are average in most respects. My daughter is excited to go to college and begin on her life adventures. I am also excited for her. While I am not sure that our current school system has prepared her completely for the challenge, I am not sure that any system can prepare a child for such a big change. I believe that our school system does a good job of keeping my child safe. There are school resource officers placed at the high school to assist in keeping the school safe for students and staff on a daily basis. I am very pleased with this and I currently find the office staff at the school helpful as well.
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Montgomery county schools are a great place for children to attend school because the teachers here are amazing. However I would like to see a more hands on experience with each child because that is important for a child to be the best they can be.
Montgomery County Schools is a great school district to be in and the teachers are very focused into their job. I would like to see more fundings for after school activities/extracurriculars.
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