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My experience with the Montgomery County School system has been average. There have been positive experiences such as teachers who have gone over and beyond the call of duty to educate and pour into their students. I would like to see more positive parental involvement and more resources to help students who would like to attend college without such a huge financial burden.
I have been a student with MPS for 12 years. The school system, has seen it's share of ups and downs and is currently under Intervention, which could lead to losing accreditation if proper measures are not taken. I have had the opportunity to work with some teachers who really seem to value students and their profession. However, there are a few who don't seem to care. It is my hope that the system will improve for all of those involved.
Montgomery county did provide the students with many opportunities for growth, to the best of their ability. However, the curriculum being taught is far below the students level. More academic programs should be put in place, in order to enhance the students knowledge.
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I am a high school senior. As much as I would like to bash MPS, I have had to realize that it is not the school system itself, I have to blame the lack of funding for the schools. I have attended schools where the bathrooms didn't work, the plumbing was poor, and the ceilings weren't finished. I personally believe that most of the teachers true care about the lives they are impacting. It's just... how can we say we want to better the school system when we don't show it.
From age 5 to age 17 I have been apart of the Montgomery count school system. For these 12 years of schooling I have learned so much from not only my educators but also from fellow students, alumi, and even faculty. This school system is not perfect but it is far from terrible. The change that I would like to see is for schools to offer better school lunches.
As a senior in the Montgomery County School system, I cannot speak for all of the schools in the system but I generally believe that the schools can improve on some area. I attend one of the three magnet high schools in Montgomery and my experience here has allowed me to be prepared for college and test readiness. In my opinion, I believe that the school system can pay more attention towards the other schools in the system as I feel like they are getting shoved to the back. There is room for change in this school system and I think with the appropriate amount of attention the system can thrive!
The Montgomery, Al public school system is poor quality. I have experienced poor quality buildings, poor food, poor security, and poor education.
Montgomery County has amazing Magnet schools. However, many traditional schools are not providing students with everything they need to succeed.
So far, for K-12 I have been in the Montgomery Public School System and I feel like they have yet to accomplish the goal to fully educate our student body as a whole. I have been to certain schools where I have not received the proper education that I have needed because the system was so far behind. Sometimes I have been to classes that have not issued out certain textbooks for me to take home so I can fully understand the course within itself. Now that I have attended magnet school things are a little bit better, but you will get charged a fee for every material that you use within the school. I feel that it is not fair for my parents to pay taxes for me to attend a public school and I still get charged a technology fee, and a textbook fee to educate me.
I personally enjoyed being apart of the Montgomery County Schools magnet program. It hosts a diverse population of students and does a great deal for making sure students in the program are prepared for life after high school. However, my family's experience with the rest of the school system has been poor. Subpar administration and teaching gives off the impression that the school system as a whole cares very little about thr education of its students.
I love my school because we have so much student involvement. We have a lot of opportunities and are very blessed. My school is a magnet school so they do challenge us and prepare use very well for college. I love how we are challenged and we also have other clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities that we can do. We also have very good teachers who are very willing to help us for the most part. They want to see us succeed and will help us with anything we need. I would like to see change in the technology being that we are a technology school I feel like our technology should be somewhat better. Also I wish they would change the lunch because it is not very good for the most part and the students who can not bring their lunch as an option like some of us have to eat that nasty food or not eat at all. I would like to see some change in our class rooms as well because we have animals that like to come to our school and come into the buildings and that is very unsanitary.
Overall i would say that my experience with Montgomery Public Schools was ok. I would like to see more dedicated teachers and more involved parents.
Many of the teachers are good at what they do, but the students that do not want to learn are sometimes a distraction to handle making it harder for those who do. I wish the administration could actually be more attentive in class to handle kids that are a distraction.
Not as good as they could be. They need to put more effort into the public school systems. The magnet schools are very good as well as the privates. There is room for more improvement
I favor the standards based curriculum in that it aligns with national standards. Additionally, there are interval assessments to track student's progress. The assessments also are used to drive instruction for individual needs. Also, parents receive mid-nine weeks progress reports, and they may receive them at anytime per request. Title I offers academic support in reading and math. At risk students are assigned to environments such as PACE and Second Chance to complete requirements for graduation. On the other hand, discipline is a problem in the traditional programs.
Our daughter went to Park Crossing High School. The teachers were involved but it does not seem like the administration or the local school board are doing a good job.
in my district I would like to see better food, many students have gotten food poisoning. they need to get more organized and if your going to do student checks do right do dont do it all because its a waste of time.also get these transcits in on time i waited 5 months mine to be sent all because of downtown
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Montgomery public schools seemed to be poorly funded and severely lacking in effective leadership. I attended Montgomery schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade and recall at least 5 changes in superintendent. There were not a lot of new textbooks or new equipment for the classrooms, but if you try hard enough here, you can make the most of your education.
Our school system desperately need security measures to be enforced. To my knowledge, there has never been a program put in place for active shooter so that our students know what they need to do in case of a life event.

We have magnet schools in the area but I see no reason why all of our schools cannot be at that caliber. It is paramount that our students have access to all the same type of tools. Not just for the students in the private in the magnet schools.
Overall I would say Montgomery county doesn't really care about the benefit of the students, just their Image. What that means is they will act like their doing something for us but in all actuality it's for them too look good and seem like they do so much when really they don't. The system is horribly flawed!
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