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The school district goes great lengths to provide stable education. They offer a wide variety of programs with exceptionally experienced teachers.
In the spring of 2020, we had to quarantine, and the schools didn’t know how to exactly educate in the new situation; however, they made sure that students would not be hurt by their decisions. For example, the school district decided to modify how they would determine Q4 grades. In the end, it was really beneficial to many students. Besides grades, they handed out food by busses to the entire district. Now a new school year has started, and they developed a fool proof plan for online education. I am a early graduation senior, and I can say that I have had and am still receiving fantastic education despite the world’s current predicament.
It’s a great school system and I have learned a lot! The teachers I’ve had have been amazing. It could be a little more diverse but I think we just live in a small area which makes it hard for much diversity.
Montgomery County is a great place to be, and the schools are clean and safe. However, I feel as though they struggle to acknowledge some of the cultural struggles for minorities within the county. Especially in smaller school strands that are predominantly white.
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Montgomery County Public Schools is a great district to be in. There are many amazing teachers who all work hard to prepare you for college readiness.
I think it is a great school system but there are issues with leadership at schools. We have amazing academics though and most teachers I've had experience with have been really great. However, I wish issues with teachers and principals were handled better. Sometimes things are done and should be handled but they just get ignored. Teachers could be treated better by the county and I wish the leadership had more former teachers in it. We have a lot of diversity in students and staff which is great because from the beginning of my school years I've been surrounded by lots of races and people from lots of backgrounds. My biggest issue in high school is I feel like they dont focus on college readiness enough. I think they should do a lot more to make sure we are prepared for the next steps in life.
Needs more diversity in staff. Otherwise very average. I graduated from one of the high schools in 2019.
Although there are some very caring staff members in the special education department they are constantly being tied up in red tape and higher ups keep them from helping many special needs students to save money. IEPs are designed to find ways out of helping autistic students. There is also a unfair balance between schools with Blacksburg receiving multiple new school buildings in the past few years, including 2 elementary schools within sight of each other, while some Christiansburg schools are 70 years old.
I have been in the Montgomery County Public Schools my entire school life and the experience has been fantastic. The teachers, students, and faculty have been so amazing and very understanding. The schools prepare their students with great thinking and understanding of what colleges are looking for and expecting of their future students. Being in these schools have made me a better person socially, emotionally, and physically because they help you become open and make you feel so welcomed in their schools. I truly love and will miss not only my high school but also Montgomery county. We may be small but we are very loving and caring and our schools make our students feel safe, happy, and ready for the real world.
I have enjoyed growing up in this school system. They have done what they could to help with college, from offering college classes for free to working with the local community college so that students may attend the college for free after graduating high school and having a decent GPA. A lot of the teachers go out of their way to be there for their students and work with students to raise grades. As a whole, MCPS works well together. They have shared facilities, come together to support each school when it went through a hard time, and worked to make sure every graduation is on a different day, so our small area doesn't get overwhelmingly crowded. They have also done away with class rank so that students don't feel as much pressure to be "top of their class," instead they feel appreciated as a student and feel equal to their peers.
I loved the all the staff members. The teachers are fantastic people and each one wants you to succeed. Only thing I didn’t like was the lack of diversity, but that’s no fault of the school.
I love the friends and the majority of the teachers there. They are what make attending high school at Christiansburg a very good thing. Problems come about when the school decides to tighten certain policies (such as dress code and parking policies) and are not willing to listen to student opinions on the subject. Where academics are concerned, the majority of core classes are focused on teaching to the standardized test (known as "Standards of Learning" or "SOL" for short). Classes tend to be more focused on students passing the test rather than being prepared for life.
Montgomery County Public Schools has very good high school, especially Blacksburg High School. The teacher always want to help the students further their knowledge.
I would like to see better school facilities. I enjoy the teachers and sports available at our school. I wish we had better classrooms, we don't even have real walls in certain classes.
My experience has been amazing! I have been attending Auburn since I was in kindergarten and I love it! Everyone knows each other and there is nothing I would change.
I had a great education at Christiansburg High School in MCPS. I believe that what I learned there fully prepared me for my time in college. I know one area in particular is in my writing. During high school I had a couple very strict English teachers that were very critical of our writings and format. Now, when I write a paper or send my resume somewhere I am confident that I have sent a strong product and I can only accredit that to those teachers.
I love how much the teachers care about the students well being. I find that to be a necessity when going to school because it makes kids want to go to school. We also have a wonderful athletic program with amazing coaches and we have ones many state championships in the past few years. I wouldn't change anything about my school!
The schools offer a very good range of extra curricular activities, great teachers, and a wonderful atmosphere. There is a group for everyone, we make you feel at home. Are we perfect? Not even close, but we as students work hard to make sure we make everyone feel loved and welcomed when they join us at school.
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Montgomery county is a very safe place to work and go to school. Some of the facitlities are old though and could use updating.
I had a good four years in this school district and it has grown a lot in the four years I have been here. There is nothing I would really like to change about this school district, only to see it grow and get bigger over time.
I love the teachers and students in this district, as well as the academic opportunities. Some of the regulations put on high school students are too stressful on the students. If we miss four days of school, then we are required to take final exams and seen as "Not in Good Standing" which means we can't walk across the stage at graduation. In addition, we are threatened with ISS if we are caught waiting for rides in the cafeteria after school. Another thing I wish could be changed is the school lunch. Most students don't eat lunch at the schools because it is either too expensive or disgusting. The final thing I would like to see changed would be standardized testing-the SOL. I feel this test shouldn't be administered as it limits the teachers' ability to teach the students and putting unnecessary stress on teachers and students as early as the third grade. The only standardized test we should be required to take is the SAT.
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