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I think Montgomery Country puts their students at top priority to give them the best education as possible. I also like how there’s a big diversity within the county so you can meet people people from around the world.
It is a very well thought at county it really cares about it's student and helps many of the organization such unicef and gives back to the community
My overall experience was great. I think going through the Montgomery county public school system was actually though at one point but I got myself together and focused on getting good grades which ended un happening and I couldn't be more prouder then ever. I think that school really showed me the real meaning of life because most of friends there they either had one parent or was doing some really bad things that made them go through hard times by going to jail and just having to learn the hard way a person in society.
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The county's education system is overall okay, though I feel like the experience varies massively based on where in the county you live, almost to the point of segregation getting in the way of resources and opportunities.
I love the schools I have attended in MCPS. They have prepared me for college and beyond. I would raise my own kids here. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have enjoyed all my classes. They offer a many options in high school. The schools are very diverse.
Very good school system. Excellent teachers, great college readiness. However, some of the schools could use a renovation. Overall though, great!
The curriculum is poor (no common core), needs rigor and balanced learning. Schools are not safe, half the teachers are complacent , liberal agenda. Get back to teaching the kids; bring in art, music and recess/break.
I've been attending Montgomery county public schools since first grade and I've had a comfortable education. Most of the teachers are very nice and have a passion for teaching. My 2 complaints are the quality of the bathrooms and the fact that the school refuses to fire bad teachers. As I said there aren't many but there are teachers that have a reputation for being bad at their jobs and not teaching the material. Even this school counselors are aware of this and yet nothing is done to fix the problem.
The Montgomery county public schools system has a range of different learning styles to help each and every student. Teachers are always trying to get to know the students better and try to make it the best school experience for every child. I feel safe and comfortable in my school environment everyday and I know that I am definitely being well prepared for the future. One suggestion would be to put more of an effort into providing better school lunches.
Overall pretty good— my experiences aren’t glamorous but I’ll graduate in one piece and I can’t complain.
very inclusive with special education students. I loved how diverse are the schools. I highly recommends Montgomery County Public Schools to students. They have excellent teachers committing to work to the students.Montgomery County Public Schools have a vast after school activities that any students can choose. I love to be student at Montgomery County Public School!
The schools in the northern part of the county do not seem to get the attention/resources as the schools closer to Rockville. Overall, school district is average/slightly above average.
I attended a school here from Pre-K to 8th grade, and it was personally hard for me to make friends being a shyer student so it was harder to find my place but people are generally nice and it's really diverse. Some teachers aren't the best but you'd typically find that in any school.
Students are struggling with grasping understanding of academic. Teachers are black listed for age and experience. Additionally, MCPS makes it difficult for returning teachers to secure full time as they do not want to pay. Lots of disrespect for teachers from administrators.
I like the academics and the diversity among Montgomery County Public Schools. There is also a lot of club and sports involvement in our school whcihc gets kids active and involved.
The schools are very diverse and inclusive. Students are encouraged and supported to pursue their passion. Everyone has a chance to give their opinions and ideas while being considered seriously. There are also a variety of classes for students to pick from so that they are better prepared for college or for the journey toward their dream.
While MCPS is overall a decent district, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Overcrowding, racial bias, and the sports programs are some areas that are at the top of my list.
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When I went to Watkins Mill High School, the teachers helped me thoroughly understand what I was supposed to do for my assignments and the teachers are always available to help their students even on their own time.
Montgomery County Public Schools prepared me very well for college. After completing my first year at Morgan State University, I was able to excel and obtain a GPA that I sought after.
Very diverse county with many facilities and academically strong schools. Students are offered various courses, after school activities and are given many opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. There are accommodations for students that are financially in need.
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