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Montgomery County Public Schools Reviews

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About half of the teachers truly care about you and your future. The other half; not so much. The staff are pretty good about helping kids with disabilities though. The food isn't good for vegetarians+ and it's not really great anyway. So for kids who can't afford to bring their own lunch are kind of stuck. They have a second chance breakfast that comes around after first block. So if you missed breakfast or can't eat at the other times you'll still have a chance.
We have some pretty bad dipping and smoking problems at our school which seemingly go unnoticed. We have a lot of fights which are sometimes extremely violent. We have a basically brand new basketball court, however they rarely even let students use it because they don’t want the floors scuffed. If the basket ball court can’t be played on, then what purpose does it serve? Our teachers, for the most part, are extremely caring and well educated individuals who we get to know throughout the year. I feel as though my teachers are also my friends.
Montgomery County High School has great opportunities for those who are willing to take them. The counselors are very helpful in getting you the help you need. However, there is a system in place called career paths that try to coral students into classes meant for vocationally oriented students. The counselors claim that they are mandatory but they aren't. Take what is best for your education. As for teachers, the ones I had changed my life and actually cared about the impact they had on my future. Often times, teachers will help you more than counselors, especially Willie Carver.
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I was not prepared for college. I never was challenged in high school. Wish I had gotten a better education.
They do care about their students, but their focus as an entire district seems more on sports rather than all programs within the school.
I love my teachers. I feel that I have a very good relationship with all of them. I believe that they are working hard to help me be prepared for college. I have a lot of homework but I know that it will help me in the long run.
Wonderful teachers who truly care about students. Each department with in the school system is wonderful.
Overall, I believe the schooling I was provided at Montgomery County High School was a beneficial. The majority of teachers I had were wonderful and provided me with skills I can continue to use throughout life. If I had to change one thing about this school system, I would change the amount of power administration has over the teachers. Oftentimes, teachers can make decisions that are better for the school than administration could.
It's a nice school with small classes but to many threats against the school last year. There are also a lot of neat clubs and activities such as JROTC, improv, and chess.
Montgomery County was great, but diversity is what it was missing. Montgomery County served to the rich and the poor, yet it didn't serve to every race. While many races were present, I often found that we as a school were a white community.
I use to go to a school in Montgomery county, I still do but I'm in college now with it. But I have a lot of good memories from moco schools.
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