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I love how close everybody is in Montgomery, for if there is an issue, we all rise as one and come together to solve it. However, that closeness also brings a certain level of snootiness. I love our district, I just wish it was more properly funded.
I have been in the high school for three years and it’s my first year at MCCC and i love it people in campus are so nice the community Is perfect cualdn’t ask for better
I like the school because all of the teachers are pushing you so you can succeed in life. It a small school but we are all there for one another.
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I moved from Northeast Philadelphia to Montgomery County My freshman year in high school and is a big upgrade in my life.
Since this school is very small, you are able to build lasting relationships with the teachers and administration who continue to help you after you graduate
The teachers are very helping and caring. You know all your teachers on a personal level. They provide us with everything we need to achieve out goals and more. The one bad thing about the school is how run down its getting. The school is very old and its starting to show. Also the lack of money involved in the sports teams. The soccer team had no money and struggled very hard trying to afford new things for them. The cafeteria food sucks, but what high school food doesn't suck ? Over all montgomery is a safe and great school with help and support through our 4 years.
This school has the best teachers that the state of Pennsylvania has to offer. They care about all of their students being able to succeed in the real world whether it be going to the workforce, military, or college. They get you ready for what life outside of high school is about which is why I love Montgomery.
Montgomery is a small school, but that's a good thing; you know all of your teachers, and it's great to get a one-on-one type of education.
Montgomery was great for its size. Small school with virtually no diversity. Good staff, good education.
I enjoy my time at UMASd, the teachers really care about you and they have creative ways of showing that. I always feel as if I matter at this school .
I love my school because it is a small and close knit country school, and its size allows a lot of one on one learning with the teachers and individual attention. However, the AP courses are very lacking in instruction due to being taught by teachers who are not college professors. The AP courses are more of a teach yourself from the book kind of course. The cafeteria food is awful, but I always bring my own lunch, so it's not a big deal.
Socially the school is very welcoming, the teachers and staff are very nice and most of the students are okay. Although the school its self is inviting, I think the education system isn't that great. The things I've been learning in tenth grade I learned throughout sixth grade to ninth grade. I've gone to two other schools and overall the school is very nice and I do recommend going there if you're just trying to get through highschool.
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