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Montezuma-Cortez School District No. RE-1 Reviews

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Montezuma Cortez High School was the best high school that I could have gone to. They have excellent teachers and staff. If there was an issue, staff or teachers would take care of it the best way possible. Everyone was friendly and caring. Students could tell that the teachers really cared about our education. The new high school we have here in Cortez is amazing. Top quality for our town! Future students are lucky to have such a great facility and staff to learn from.
Montezuma Cortez Highschool is a small place, but a great place to learn in. It offers exactly what I want to learn. My freshman year I took a CERT class and became certified in CPR. My sophomore year I took a EMR class. When I started my junior year , college classes started coming into play. I took CNA through a college and became a certified nursing assistant. This year, my senior year, I am taking phlebotomy as a college class and will soon take my state test for phlebotomy. Not only have I taken college classes to help with the career I’m interested in but I have also taken my English classes as college classes. Another benefit of my highschool is that I can start taking online college classes through the community college I would like to attend, then soon transfer to that community college! This high school offers many college classes that will help benefit my future.
i like how they allow an off campus lunch. also i think they should better security. I like that they have a big commons area .
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My experience here for four years had its up and downs but all in all, I graduated. The only problem I had here was the graduation requirements being bent to help students who were't working as "efficient" graduate such as attendance and dropping classes.
As a student in the honors program at Montezuma Cortez High School, I honestly believe that we have some of the most well rounded, amazing teachers.
This school district is poorly funded and is in a lack of teachers crisis. The schools do want to do everything they can to prepare students for life outside of school but they just don't have the resources to do that.
MCHS was a great school to go to. I learned a lot and grew a lot as an individual. The teachers make you feel like you apart of the school. The environment of the school has improved.
My experience at Montezuma Cortez high school was fun and memorable. Within the school I like how the teachers are very helpful and are always looking out for the students. One thing I would like to be different within the school is more diverse in different classes that students are able to take, rather than having one certain class in that category.
The teachers work hard with what they are given. Many students are from low income families. I would like to see the gifted program increase. There are not many opportunities for gifted children especially in the elementary level. Things like chess clubs, robotics, science fairs, would really help our youngest students.
My experience in high school wasn’t always the greatest. Some of the teachers were really good while others weren’t. I had a lot of awful classmates that the school administrators could have dealt with better. I think that overall I could have been a little more prepared for college. I also felt like I didn’t get enough help when it came to choosing a college or going through the college application process; I had to seek outside help for that. I think the school would benefit from doing more college prep.
Throughout the school district there is a lack of engaged teachers. This school lacks the ability to hold consistent rules and boundaries and frequently picks students to beat down on.
The Montezuma-Cortez High School has amazing teachers that encourage the students to be the best they can be, yet I wish that education was valued by the students, and that the classes themselves be more rigorous and give less slack to students that to not have concern for their academic success.
Ever since freshman year, all my teachers and administrators have helped me push myself to be the best I can be. They’re very supportive and understanding. If I have a conflict that I don’t necessarily know how to deal with, I know I can always rely on them to help me and lead me in the right direction.
I would like to see Montezuma-Cortez School District Re-1 prioritize academics more. There is a shortage of good teachers in Cortez and I hope to see more join the Cortez community.
The Montezuma-Cortez School District has improved slightly with the building of a new high school in regards to student involvement. I would like to see more qualified teachers to be hired.
I had a few very awesome teachers who took interest in my education and colllege path. However, the AP classes are very white and elitist. The administration never listened to the teachers. Parent interests were very low. The racism against Native American students was very high. A lot of favortism.
M-CHS is a school that gives you what you put in. If you are involved and participate in school activities, and care about your education the opportunities are great. The teachers are beyond qualified and help their students, whether they are struggling or just need a different explanation.
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In Montezuma-Cortez High School, I had a wonderful experience. There is a culture that supports the athletics and school activities. The teachers truly cared about their students. They invested their hard work, patience, and time into their classrooms. Their passion for teaching inspired me to be the best student I could be. Montezuma-Cortez High School fosters bright young men and women and prepares them for their next steps in the future.
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