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i've been going here since sixth grade and everyone around me has been nothing but good people for the most part and the sports and coaches are great as well as the acedemics. teachers are the best that i personally have had ever after being to schools in 3 other districts so its been great for me.
My experience at Montesano Jr. Sr. High school has been great! The teachers and staff members are so caring and willing to help you anyway they can, and most of all the are wanting to see their students succeed!
Great community support and team spirit. The town is small so you know every one by name but the education is good and they have a decent amount of programs.
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I loved how small the community is and how well the teachers work with their students. Montesano School District has always been a safe place for me, I have been attending their schools since second grade. I couldn't imagine learning everything I have learned from anyone else or sending my future children to a different school district.
Montesano is a very close-knit community. Everyone knows everyone and we are all very supportive of each other.
The community really supports the sports programs. Its a pretty rural school at size 1A and has average extra activities offered. There is not a ton of diversity but it reflects the population type that lives out in Grays Harbor county. It would be nice if we had a more supportive college readiness period as 11th graders to get a jump start on school transition.
I enjoy how all teachers are willing to help. I think the amount of classes offered should increase as should the diversity.
Montesano School District is a great district to enroll your children to go to school. The small community makes any student feel at home and safe. The staff members of each school in this district care about the students and their learning. The administration does a stellar job at making sure everything is taken care of the appropriate way. The members of this community truly want to make a difference in every student's life.
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I have really enjoyed my experience in the Montesano School District. Since I transferred in the 7th grade, I have had nothing but good experiences. Thanks to it being such a small school, everybody knows everybody and no one gets left behind, two qualities I appreciate. Teachers and staff are dedicated to student success and the atmosphere is a great place to learn.
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