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Academically the school is great. My son is going into his senior year with a 4.57 gpa. The school challenged him but he was never over burdened with too much home work, even with a gpa like his. My only bad comment is the sports programs. The coaches seam like they just don’t care.
My experience with Monterey Peninsula School district was very good, there was so much change from 5th grade to senior year. They started to add more classes to help with college and get us prepared for the future. Throughout high school, everyone was pushing us to do our best and not just settle for average grades. They keep adding more and more classes to take and to help us discover our careers for the future.
The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District should improve on hiring qualified teachers that are well versed in the subjects they teach. Access to dual enrollment classes has been beneficial for students to receive college credit or be more college ready. The concept of co taught classes should be reevaluated because I do not believe that it benefits the students since the class size is bigger.
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I went to Seaside High School. The Students were friendly, the teachers were very good, and the school was mostly clean. I think that the school could be nicer, because if the students are offered high education in a nicely developed environment they are more likely to be successful in school.
As a Senior at Monterey High, I have truly enjoyed my time at my school and in my district. My school has helped me become the person I am today and through the help of my teachers and peers I am proud of the young woman writing this to you. I am so very grateful for Monterey High School and all the opportunity and experiences I have had at my school!
I recently am attending Monterey High School and my experience has been a long road already. The teachers are some of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. One thing that set me off was the discipline. There is not any at all. It doesn’t help that a some of thekids can be disrespectful. On the other hand the other kids are kind. I personally believe the education is not challenging for me which can be frustrating because I believe it might not prepare me for college.
Sometimes I feel as though the admin don't really care about the black community on campus. There have been many racial comments towards African Americans, but we keep being told, "you don't think you're overreacting about this situation?" or "you can't change the world so this seems kind of pointless." We aren't trying to change the world we want to at least educate our campus and make a safer enviornment for everyone.
MPUSD was an interesting district and although it had its problems with staff and other events at my time it helped me get to college.
The middle school is the worst middle school I’ve been to and have heard of. They have done nothing to fix it except cover up the murals and take out the lockers. These kids behave so badly that the 2018 freshman have ruined Monterey high schools reputation alone. I love my high school it’s a very accepting and forgiving campus especially my 2019 class.
Amazing school! Love the professors and the amount of effort they put in! I also love how clean the campus is. You rarely see trash on the floor, which is really empowering.
I want there to be more SAT prep classes and English classes that helps students improve their essay writing skills. I like the diversity in the student body.
The classes at MPC encouraged me to learn in an open and safe environment. I've made long-lasting friendships within the classrooms and will cherish my time on campus.
Monterey High School was not doing so well when I entered as a freshman, but the administration changed and I see a difference in our school spirit. Our principal communicates with us and tries to reach out and know our names. The counselors are also very supportive and care more about you than your grades.
There are many pathways for you to take, but they are not offered to everybody. For college readiness, it is ingrained that we should strive for higher education, but nobody tells us how to achieve it. We have an amazing college and career counselor who helps us a lot, but they are the only one, and it is hard to meet with all students.
What i liked about this district is it was connected to mostly all the school around Monterey and Seaside and all the schools even if you were in high school or elementary you would have the same breaks and almost the same time for conferences. It was just mostly all connected. Another thing is the teachers really care about their students future. With most of my high school teachers they have tried their best to prepare me for college and i think they did a great job because they are really passionate about their students. I think thats an important thing about MPUSD.
The Monterey Peninsula District prepares us very well for higher education. The administration is very helpful and understanding. They not only care for your education but as well as your life outside of school.
I like that there are some teachers that truly love what they are doing, but sadly that is not all teachers. I wish all teachers were excited and motivated to teach and prepare kids for college. I think that the district could defintely improve on their food for sure. I also think that the district should have more programs avaiable for kids who need help dealing with personal stuff.
The things I liked most about my high school are the Advanced Placement courses offered and the teachers who invested their time and resources in my education. As a student of color, I was treated equally by my peers, teachers and administration -- the school embraced diversity. Lastly, the variety of club, activities and sports offered.

The school is over 100 years old and the infrastructure can use an upgrade. For a start the student parking lot is in dire need as there are many pot holes and cracks on the pavement. A new gym and pool with working heating and cooling system and more importantly to comply with ADA guidelines.

Overall, my high school experience was and continues to be positive. I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life -- College. Thank you.
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My expierence has been great with this school district. The teachers are amazing and the academic courses are challenging.
I like my school because there's a lot of different resources that I can get. Also, I've saved a lot of money because of there lending library which is a big thing so I can save my money instead.
My mother is in the military, so we move around a lot. I have been in over 7 schools in my childhood, which makes it difficult for me to make and keep long lasting friendships. When I attended Monterey High, I was still among the minorities, and had to adjust quickly. I recall during my first year there as a freshman, I had three science teachers, due to teachers quitting. It was obvious which teachers cared for their students, by how they assigned and graded work. Sometimes I had to get my parents involved just to get some teachers to post grades at a reasonable time before report cards were due so my parents would not be caught off guard.
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