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Montebello Unified School District Reviews

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MUSD is an average school district. A couple years ago, when i was a freshman, there was some missing money within the district and this caused a problem because hundreds of teachers were going to be let go. After this incident the schools within the district did become more strict with the finances.
It's a very good district but there should be more classes that teach the students about what they need to know in life and about colleges.
More money for books. The education is really good and most of the teachers are really good(from my experience)
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I like that everyone treats eachother well. The teachers are always there for support and to answer any questions a student has to ask. They are very supportive and never give up on you . They try to help you in any way possible
Montebello School District provided many opportunities for both students and parents. They make sure to keep students on track. I enjoy that that all the teachers are encouraged to teach their students. I would like to see more involvement in bettering school needs such as high school paper for printer and ink. To conclude, I would reccomend to enroll your child in MUSD.
All teachers are nice. You feel very welcomed as a freshman entering the school there are a different variety of clubs that the schoop offers
The school district offered me great experiences. The education system was very structured and going to school in that district was enjoyable. Overall a healthy, safe, and fun learning environment.
I like the staff, the teachers, the people and even the college readiness. I have been in 4 school districts through my my youth, and I can tell this is the best one yet. I would like to see a change in less students in certain classes, that’s the only thing that bothers me.
My experience in the Montebello Unified School District is great. Everyone is friendly and the teachers are great. Our current principle in Schurr High School is great and she gets along with everyone in the campus. She is very outgoing.
I enjoyed some of the opportunities and programs given by the district years ago. However, I hope the district could continue to support these things and even support their staff, like the teachers, more.
The Montebello school district is diverse and can give everyone a chance in education. My grandma worked as an aid for teachers in the district for years and I've been in school part of the district since kindergarten. My experience and my grandma's is great. I'm able to learn something new everyday and if I need help I can always rely on the teachers and staff . In highschool it's even better because you know that they are there to help you like assistant principals, counselors, and the teachers. I would ask for advice for college and what should I do since I'm part of a low income family. They gave me hope that I'm able to go to the college I want to go. The college I want to go is UC Davis and I have an opportunity to go there, that's what the teachers are for because they support you and help you get there.
I attended the Montebello Unified District Schools such as Joseph E. Gascon Elementry School, Eastmont A. Intermediate School, and Schurr High School. I would like to see a change in school fundings for the students attending to the schools that belong to the Montebello Unified School District.
My experience with MUSD is pretty good but the only thing I would say they need to improve on is finance. BGHS, the school I currently attend, no longer has agendas given to students, we are given composition books instead.
My experience so far with the Montebello school district has been fair enough. They've provided me with all the basic accommodations necessary for my education and taken the time to ensure that I am academically passable. While I have no real animosity towards this district, I would like the issue of how it handles it's funds to be resolved. At times it feels as though the funds we receive do not go towards the good of our education or provide up to date school supplies.
The days and weeks off were great, even though i wish there was more . The schools are pretty ok. Not bad.
Outstanding programs and teachers that help me in my everyday studies, I recently moved into MUSD and feel as though I have moved into a better district that cares not only about my involvement but my parents as well.
My experience was very good because I always had helpful teachers that had confidence in me, I'm a student that struggles and needs one on one time with teachers to understand the material. I couldn't have done all my school work without the help of my teachers and classmates. On top of that I joined club activities at school which I enjoyed because I was surrounded by people that were awesome.
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Montebello Unified School District is involved in academics but however it is not involved in the improvement of schools. There are very limited libraries and classrooms that would not be deemed suitable for the presence of students or anyone in that matter. School money is spent on unnecessary improvements and it constantly "lost."
I enjoyed my 4 years of high school. I built so many strong friendships that will continue for many years to come. The teachers were supportive, especially Mr. Shah. Because of Montebello High I am attending University of Santa Barbara in the fall.
I like that they really care about your education and that they try to help you in anyway possible that is why I really injoy the Montebello district I also want to say that I feel valued as a student that is why I want to evaluate the school by taking this survey so indeed I really injoy this school district
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