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My experience there was average. There are great things about this school, like how I have lots of friends, and the teachers are cool. Sports surround our school. Unfortunately, the safety is subpar, the administration is terrible, and the facilities are downright nasty. They should clean the bathrooms more often, and fix the safety situation, and then the school would be a very good rating.
Montclair Public Schools have been a great experience for me. The diversity, clubs, athletics, and academics are strong. Unfortunately, the facilities at Montclair High School are lacking making my senior year horrible. They found bacteria in the stairwell of the main building which later collapsed. The school needs more money to address problems like these before they occur. Other than that, my social and academic life at Montclair were great!
Since it has been four years since I have entered into MHS, I have learned many life lessons that have changed who I am from 14 years old up to 18. One thing is for sure when you're at Montclair High, you'll never want to leave. It's like an addiction the life there is so fascinating and every moment with your friends or fellow peers is part of life's beauty. If you are worried about not fitting in, that lifestyle isn't accepted at MHS, there is always a group of people willing to accept who you are, and at the end of the day, that's what really matters.
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The experience was pretty good, although I think they can do a better job at preparing ALL students for college( not just some) , teaching them life skills, and offering certain classes like Psychology and Philosophy. The problem with the system is that they put certain students on a track from young in vigorous courses and allow other students to cruise by in academic courses.
Very diverse atmosphere on campus. The class sizes are somewhere between 15-20 students so there is plenty of attention divided between the students. The dining area is pretty small and I have definitely seen better but the food is decent. The professors are well informed and the campus size is moderate. University Hall is where most of the clubs meet so there is plenty of room for growth there/space to meet people. I am grateful to be continuing my education here.
The schools have nice teachers and are very diverse atmospheres. Sports are really big at the high school and students are also very involved in clubs. The schools have great resources such as computer rooms and libraries with several books for research papers. Safety is not a big concern because the schools have security guards. The students at the schools are very diverse but the teachers are not as diverse as the students. The cafeteria food used to be bad but recently the cafeteria has updated the food and it is good.
Montclair High School is amazing! I have learned to be a more confident student, a better writer and an overall better person because of the teachers, students and faculty who come there. I am so happy that I attended Montclair High!
I have always had a good experience with my teachers at Montclair. I have a serious food allergy and most of my teachers always help me feel included during a class party or a lab that uses food.
Montclair schools have provided me with many opportunities for learning, team sports, club opportunities and a competitive education.
Some departments are better developed than others. It will be nice to see that all departments are fully developed. There are some great teachers that have made a great impact and I will always be grateful for but some teachers can improve more especially when teaching hard subjects area like chemistry honors. Town has high taxes but high school is so old and outdated, stairs fell so part of school unavailable to us and now has asbestos. Certain sports are valued more than others.
The Montclair Public School district is what you make of it. Especially in Montclair High School, where there are over 2000 kids, each individual is responsible for finding the people, classes, and clubs that will benefit them the most. There is so much potential to get involved in amazing clubs and movements, but it is also up to each individual student to stay focused and on top of everything -- because of the amount of kids, it is impossible for the administration to know everybody.
Overall, my experience at Montclair has been good. I've met a lot of new people, found my soulmate there, and have learned so much about different cultures. I've learned a lot on all my courses and they all challenge me, however, they don't make me feel overwhelmed which is very good. Professors are very willing to help which I think is very important.
I am in the high school. It is very large and has good teachers for the most part. The school is diverse. There are a lot of choices for athletics and clubs but I don't think there is a lot of school spirit. The building is kind of old and could use a paint job to brighten it up a little. We have honors and AP classes which helps for college.
The town has a good public school system, but their is a visible divide of the upper level classes versus the lower level and how much funding both are given.
MHS is one of the best public high schools in northern Jersey. I feel the students are greatly cared for. Students are prepared for a wide range of careers and college options. MHS provides a rich and multifaceted set of educational and extracurricular activities. I have really enjoyed my time at MHS. It has prepared me for my next journey, Spelman College in Ga.
Super easy to lead your own path and choose the classes YOU want to take. Most of the teachers are amazing!
My years attending Montclair schools hold some of my most cherished memories. Teachers from elementary school showed me that, with their support, I can achieve my biggest dreams. My middle school teachers enlightened my education experience by teaching me through class discussion and interaction, rather than outdated and worn out textbooks. Finally, Montclair High has pushed me, and has helped me achieve outstanding academic achievements. From building long lasting relationships with teachers, guidance counselors and staff, to meeting a befriending some of my closest friends, there is not a single moment I regret about my experience in Montclair Public Schools.
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I hate how some of the teachers are very unqualified, or not fit, for their job. They are either too laid back or too strict or somewhere else. Some of the staff are also very racist and make choices based off of your race. They are not very good at being understanding and considerate to everyone. Some teachers, well most, have and choose favorites and other kids are felt left out.
Throughout my high school career, one thing I have grown to love about Montclair High School is the strong academic challenge and the sports and athletics. At Montclair High School, there are many things to look forward to. The athletics are definitely one of them.
The education and diversity of the school, really spoke to me. They have some really great majors that I can't wait to dive into. But, I would like to see more job offerings for on campus living.
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