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I enjoyed the closely knit community here at Montague. However, that close community is also its downfall. I would like to see Montague Schools become more diverse and accepting of people.
Overall, Montague is a very good school in helping students become ready for life after high school, the administration and faculty are very determined in helping their students succeed.
I think you will find the "High School" experience at any high school you attend. Montague high school was just too small of a town/community to grow up in. I am one of the few African Americans that live in Montague so my experience may be different then most kids that have attended. I have learned many things from going to this school and its something that will make me a better leader,student and person in anything I do after high school
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What I like about Montague Area Public Schools is that we use text books for everything instead of chrome books, text books for some students are better for a learning process instead of looking at a computer screen all day. What I also like is that the teachers here at Montague make sure they have a special connection with every student, so that us students know that we have someone who can help us with anything related to school and things that are outside of the classroom. One thing I would change about Montague high school is everyone getting noticed, Montague is huge on sports if you don't play a sport you are not really noticed that well, where if you do play a sport you are recognized in everything you do. I believe that everyone needs to be noticed even if you don't play a sport.
safe and strong academics helps students do their best in a safe community environment. I enjoyed how much everyone in the community cares about each other and the town so much. Everyone is there for each other and supports the local teams.
Montague has an overall very great staff of teachers. The student body is very conservative and redneck, but overall still okay.
I think Montague is a decent school. The teachers are all quite smart. It's just that I feel like some of them don't know how to really teach. Sports are kind of lacking unless you play football which is the only sport the school takes seriously. Not too many electives unless you enjoy FFA.
Staff is always eager to help students learn and the small community helps to make everyone feel connected and welcome.
Montague is a well-known school district around our community. We strive hard in our sporting events, and have our teachers push us hard in doing well in school. However, I do not feel comfortable talking to my teachers/councilor about personal issues. So I am giving this rate an "average" because the staff here is not 'understanding' towards the students here at Montague Area Public Schools.
Montague staff members encourage children to succeed. They try to establish a relationship with all students and parents.
Montague Area Public Schools offers a range of classes for students who may not excel in your average classroom. They offer numerous after school activities at the high school level which is great for the high school students.
Montague has many organizations like FFA and DECA. There is so many ways to get involved with Montague high school.
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