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Great time, Hillside,Main Street Schhol(all former) and Junior-Senior H.S. Band, English, French classes. All-around great educational opportunity, great town to grow up in!
Monson Public School System is very small district that revolves around the small town atmosphere. It is one of the least diverse towns in Massachusetts and it reflects in the culture and diversity in the school system. The small district has decent sports which are valued and highly among the community. Activities and clubs although fall short often and are not made a priority. The district has work to advance there resources and in recent years the school system has definately made progress. Due to the size the number there is limited classes offered making it hard to be fully prepare students for college.
I would like to see administration change. Because it is a small town everyone, including administration, knows everyone which makes it hard for an outsider or not "townee" to get involved or be understood by anyone who is a "townee". Administration is known for protecting the bully and making life harder for the victim of bully
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Nice schools but lack of supplies and funding for education. Teachers seem to neglect students needs
I have been attending Monson Public Schools since 7th grade. My experience with both Granite Valley Middle school and MHS have been worth-while. I have enjoyed working with all of the students and being taught by the faculty. The staff members at both schools are very approachable and friendly, they are always there if I need a question to be answered. Overall, I am very proud to represent Monson Public Schools, as a senior at MHS.
I had an awesome four years at Monson High and can't believe I will be graduating in just 5 months! I've appreciated how welcoming and friendly the teachers and staff are. The teachers always try their hardest to make class fun for us students and are easy to get along with. One thing I think would make MHS a better place is if we had more sports/clubs. Overall MHS is a school with great qualities.
I was a student in Monson Public Schools from kindergarten to tenth grade. Nice small community, but no opportunities, diversity, or programs unless you are an athlete or go outside of the community. Awful place for anyone who isn't going into STEM fields or athletics. Do not send your child here if they are interested in creative pursuits.
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