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Monrovia Unified School District Reviews

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In my experience with the Monrovia Unified School District they have really had connected with students that need help with school. For example they have opened up different ways to get the help you need like I needed help with homework and now they have tutoring sessions at the library to help other students like me. Some other students and I had reached out and talked to them about our problem and they help us out a lot.
There isn’t much I would like to change but it’s really an amazing district. All of the students there are fun and friendly as well as determined to do well in school. There are amazing clubs that help the students grow closer to each other and the world. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to have fun while learning. :)
It was good enough, I can't paint a picture with my small experience because a few annoying people are more prominent in my memories than the good and the average people.
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In terms of diversity, the Monrovia Unified school district has done a fantastic job of having students from all cultural and economic backgrounds represent the schools acedemic success. However, there is only a select few teacher administrators who actually push students to their full potential.
As a transfer student in my sophomore year the transfer process was very easy. The school provided a student to assist me to my classes and other areas for the first three days. After getting acclimated to the school I joined the athletic department . The coaches and other members of the athletic department were very helpful in making sure I stayed connected.
The overall school in general is an average school district there is nothing about the district that stands out or is very impressive.
Great school district work, all employees try their best in making the atmosphere great! Teachers sometimes even have to use their own money to provide students with prizes for their hard work.
I like the area. The vicinity is really nice. Very spacious campus. Has a great course selection as well as clubs like Math and Science Academy, Humanities Academy as well as a Theatre Arts Conservatory. Great Drama Department as well as Band & Choir.
Most schools in the district are really good. Teachers generally care about students and there are numerous opportunities available for the students.
My elementary and junior high schools were wonderful. My high school experience, however, is not. The school is unfocused: it wants to support students emotionally so it has touchy-feelie assemblies. At the same time, the teachers are pressuring us to perform at high levels so we can make some WASC score report look good. They sometimes forget that teaching is not about tests or two hours of homework a night. It's about learning.

Teachers need to focus on teaching. They need to be in class, not out in staff development. I have had two teachers out for over 6 days this semester alone! Keep good teachers in the classrooms and teach students well. That's the best way to support us.
As a senior at Monrovia High School, I discovered my being in my 4 years of attending this school. I found out who I really was and have achieved the academic goals I have always aspired to reach. This high school was a helpful resource in assisting me in my preparation for college. I was taught to be a productive learner, responsible citizen, critical thinker, respectful collaborator, and an effective communicator. Since this high school is a part of the Monrovia Unified School District, it has made a positive influence and impact not only in my social life, but in my academic life as well.
The Monrovia unified school district is doing fairly well to improve themselves and help their students throughout the years.
My experience with the Monrovia Unified School District, is great. Every school I attended throughout K-12 helped shaped and prepared me for excellence on the college/ university level. I enjoyed all my experiences, with the environments, staff, and students, that makeup the MUSD.
I had excellent teachers and excellent campuses. Plymouth elementary had a great music program and Science Olympiad. Santa Fe Middle School had a great Science Olympiad and Robotics program. Monrovia High school has more clubs than you can ask for.
This district actually cares about the students well-being, and is willing to discuss options with you individually.
Monrovia high school has been a great high school, the teachers were always on task and understanding of family issues. through out my stay a Monrovia high school I have been able to grow as a person and be more comfortable around my peers, I was not the most sociable person but with the help of counselors I was able to open up focus more on my education.
Monrovia USD has some great elementary schools (Mayflower and Wildrose), a good solid middle school and a fantastic high school that was recently remodeled and expanded. New additions include a stste of the art science center, beautiful library and new classrooms. Boasting an Olympuc size swimming pool, dizens if tennus courts and a brand new gym,kids here are involved in lots of sports and extracurricular activities.Centrally located, most kuds walk to school.
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Monrovia Unified is a very driven school district. The teachers strove for students to excel in class as well as grow to be successful in life and college.
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