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Monroeville Local School District Reviews

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Monroeville is a wonderful school to go to, a well rounder school. The town is great with well rounded people.
Monroeville Local School District is a good school district. Service oriented and involved in the community.
If you’re looking for a close knit School Monroeville high school is the best choice.I always feel important and comfortable with all my teachers. Monroeville high school pushes me to do the best that I can!
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I liked that it was a small school, but I didn't like how they got rid of some academic programs, such as the honor's program. The teachers were fun but lacked the different ways they could have been teaching. Some of the rules the school had didn't make sense, but apparently, there was a reason for it. The school lacked air conditioning making it unbearable to stay still and focus in the classroom. I think that our guidance counselor is great and all, but sometimes they are not very organized. However, every school has its ups and downs, and you have to make the best of it.
I had a great time while at MHS, but the administration does a very poor job. Funds are not funneled where they should be, and the music department suffers a lot because of it. Also, there is not enough college readiness for those students who wish to go to colleges outside of BGSU, University of Toledo, and/or Ashland University. There were very few resources and little information for those, like myself, who wished to go to other colleges from around the state.
This close-knit community was very much a family. I grew up with majority of the students I went to school with. Knowing everyone on that level is very important to me.
Our academics are hit and miss, when kids succeed here they go far, but little support is offered to students who don't do well. Half the kids here go to the local community college. The other half go to ehove. We have some really great teachers who really go out of their way to help students, but we also have teachers who think fish can drown (not a joke). If you don't do sports there aren't many other activities. We have our own special sort of culture here. Sports are hit and miss. Some resources(mostly at the community college), not many here at school. If diversity could be negative, that would be Monroeville. Fairly good college readiness, fairly good safety
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