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Monroe-Woodbury Central School District Reviews

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My experience in Monroe Woodbury school is wonderful. I met new people that became my friends. I know talk to them every day. This year is going to be the best year because it will be my last one their. I will absolutely miss the teachers that are always their for you know matter what you. The teachers there try to cheer you up when they see you sad. The only thing I would like to see a change is, for teachers to get more involved with students that are afraid to talk to them with the truth. Some students might feel abandoned and lonely with no one to talk with. I see many teachers that try but, won't assistant them with help. That's the only thing that I would change.
They don't teach about what is very important in life. For example, they don't teach us how to manage a checkbook, pay taxes or go grocery shopping. They are more focused on how to find the area of a circle.
The sports programs are great every year. Almost every team does well in the section and state tournaments. Some teams like wrestling and soccer are state and even nationally ranked some years. The school is large with over 600 students per grade and it accommodates to manage that many people and make sure that everyone is getting a good experience. The teachers and staff care about the students and always offer help. They help prepare us for college by offering many college level courses and other related programs.
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The academics at Monroe-Woodbury High School are outstanding, we have some of the brightest students in the county. Along with our academics, our athletic teams are unmatched by anyone in our county.
I love the school spirit. Excellent football team and music program.Wish they had a better basketball program. The teachers go above and beyond.
The teachers were attentive, and made school challenging but not difficult. I earned decent grades, and still enjoyed myself.
Monroe-Woodbury is a very friendly school district with many academic, athletic, musical, and art opportunities. They offer countless electives and really support ever aspect of the community within the school and out of the school. The only downfall to the school district is the size. The school is very big and you could get lost in the numbers.
Monroe Woodbury was a good school to attend, but I do not believe that it got me that ready for college. The activities Monroe offered were great, there were something for everyone! The staff was always willing to help.
Terrible school!!! The teachers and administration have lost control. The students vape in class, are disrepectful and rude but the teachers are afraid of them so they don nothing.
My experience with Monroe-Woodbury Central School District was top notch. The teachers throughout the schools were knowledgeable and caring. My guidance counselor did the absolute best job helping me apply for/prepare me for college. I made great friends. Currently, I live in the same house I lived in during my Monroe-Woodbury years. Even though a part of me is ready to move out, another part is happy because I am so close to the schools that cultivated me. Monroe-Woodbury CSD is a family.
A more diverse staff would be greatly appreciated. I liked their programs but kids need to be pushed and encouraged more.
good environment people are friendly sports teams are great evert year the teachers are friendly and like to be involved with students trying to help as much as they can the vibe is good people are nice and friendly everyone is very accepting too
I liked the diversity that Monroe-Woodbury had, as well as the staff. Unfortunately, there was a lot of bullying and that is something that I would hope they could focus more on in the future.
Monroe-Woodbury Central School District truly wants all students to strive and reach for their full potential. Each teacher will do their best to ensure that each and every student is getting the help and education that is essential for them to be successful. Monroe-Woodbury also supplies student with the resources they need in order to complete any work they may be given. All students have full access to the library, multiple computer labs, printers, and use of Chromebooks. Monroe-Woodbury also has many electives that all students are able to take part in such as multiple food and art classes, and some human development classes. Having these electives and resources available to students helps ensure that students will be more than ready to move on to college once they have fulfilled their time as a Monroe-Woodbury Crusader.
Monroe-Woodbury Central School District offers many positive and negative aspects to the student body. To begin, they are a very spirited school. The school always encourages people to be involved with school spirit activities whether its athletics or clubs to make our school a better environment. The music department at our school is excellent and continuously wins awards and is offered new opportunities for the students to excel. The teachers truly care about your academic achievement and many students always improve each year in places that they struggle in. On the other hand, Monroe lacks in supporting students with their college process. For example, your on your own and if you need help you have to go out of your way to get that help, but our school is so large that their focus is not mainly on you.
I liked how teachers, administrators, and other staff were kind to every student and helped them to the best of their ability. I would like the amount of parking to be changed or another entrance to the school parking lots should be created.
the music department is a truly inspiring place where students are able to cultivate their talent and learn and grow with the best teachers. They are able to take a break from the stress of a school day and be one with the music and have support in every way possible.
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Great sports program. Great teachers who are really dedicated and goal oriented. Good level of outreach and academic help to students who need special services. Now the downsides: They have a huge problem with bullying in a school culture that is permissive toward the bullies. The HS counseling staff falls down on the job. So if your kid is thick skinned and pretty average, they'll be fine, but if you've raised an iconoclast, look out. And god forbid, if your kid is sensitive and intelligent, they'll be rejected outright and never left alone by bullies. Those kids are designated special needs and sent to other districts far outside of MW schools where their futures are severely compromised. The administration continues to be indifferent. It's a real blight on what could be one of the top districts in the state. And as a former MW parent, who still subsidizes the district with my school taxes, you can bet I totally feel ripped off.
Growing up with a poverty-stricken family Monroe Woodberry always helped to the best of their ability to make sure that I had food on the table and I had close to where also making sure that my family was going to stay in the school district and I would become successful
Everyone in school is so friendly and fun to be around. It is an excellent place to learn. I enjoy finding new things to do and hanging out with my friends. They have taught be to shoot for my dreams and follow my heart. I could not e more thankful.
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