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Monroe Township School District (Williamstown) Reviews

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solid school. good community. new fixtures and plentiful amounts of opportunities to do things and broaden what you learn.
Overall teachers, education, athletic opportunities, and the faculty and staff are very helpful and good people for the most part. Politics and poor leadership on the board of ed. and so forth have proven to be nearly incompetent and serve as quite a distraction to making the school system in town better.
I was not originally from Williamstown I moved there from another school my 8th grade year so I was nervous about making friends but Williamstown made me feel like I grew up with them, the kids were very nice and the teachers made you feel very comfortable. I feel as though the high school should have a little bit more freedom when it comes to particular things especially when it comes to seniors but other than that I would recommend that school district to anyone.
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I attended Radix , the middle school, and now I attend WHS and I feel as if I have been let down and I could have learned much more than I already have. Some teachers have left a lasting impact on me but others I wish I could forget I even met them.
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