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Monroe Township School District Reviews

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I love the facilities here and there is a lot of diversity and many fun activities. There are many options for classes, clubs, and sports.
Schools, teachers and activities are great. Students have lots of opportunities to get involved and successed
I believe that the school was a strong academic community. There were many courses available for all interests and a push for acceleration. AP courses were not out of the ordinary and there seems to be a lot of success leaving this school when students graduate. This school is also very accepting which is a very good quality for a school.
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Monroe Township High School is a highly rated school, offering it's students a wide variety of classes at the honors and AP level. It is very competitive academically. The facility is fairly new, but unfortunately it is already becoming overcrowded due to over development in the housing market.
Overall I am very happy at this school and have made lots of friends over the years and been involved in the community thru volunteer programs. Also supportive teachers and guidance counselor
Monroe Township has a school district that is very reputable and offers high quality education for all of its students. If a child requires any assistance, the district is always prepared to offer everything that child could possibly need in terms of help.
Overall, I love Monroe Township High School. But the school needs to find a way for it to not be so competitive based on GPA. The school also needs to her more information to the students more efficiently and effectively.
The Monroe township school district is not the absolute best in the world, but compared to many other schools Monroe is very high quality.
Friendly staff, building was very nice and lots of good education with technological advances . Students were given an opportunity to grow from an abundance of electives and class options and guidance councilors really guided students towards college and told them what they had to do to achieve the goal of attending college.
The Monroe School district is definitely diverse, however issues such as horrible school culture, poor food and bad teachers plague the school.
I like the teachers and how they teach. The student teacher ratio is high, and so it would be better if we had more space.
The environment was fun, and I have made some great friends over the years. Most of the teachers here do try and help their students succeed not only in the classroom but also outside in the real world.
I loved the environment created by the teachers and students combined as everyone was really nice and usually supportive. However, some teachers did not teach their classes and made you rely solely on your textbook to do well in the class.
When I decided to move to Monroe, I was concerned about it's ranking, compared to the schools nearby. However, both of my girls are doing very well.
They were challenged. I just wish their sports coachings were better.
Moving to this school district has been a blessing for my kid. All teachers are extremely hard working, patient and friendly towards students. I am very happy to see my kid learning and growing in Monroe township school.
Overall a great school and great experience. Made many friends and was challenged by the academics. There are plenty of extra curricular activities to choose from and participate in.
Enjoyed my four years there and I am not aware of anyone who had a bad or troubling experience while attending.
This school helps prepare students for various future paths particularly through the integration of advanced technology. Through the distribution of iPads and the use of apps, students become comfortable implementing technology into their daily work, something I came to appreciate in college, which required me to constantly check my teacher's websites and electronically hand in assignments. In addition, this school provides senior students the opportunity to supplement a course for real-world experience in an internship, job shadow, or mentorship position for credit. Students that take advantage of this opportunity graduate with a sense of confidence in what they want, or more importantly don't want, to do after receiving their diploma. Although this school needs to expand to accommodate a growing student population, it overall adequately prepares students for future success.
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Overall, the Monroe Township School District is very well estabalished and has an organized infrastructure. The staff are all well prepared and provide informative instruction. Monroe Township School District also does a good job of involving parents and provides a clear platform for communication between parents and schools.
Overall has been a good experience. Teachers are decent for the most part. Very large school but you get out what you put in. If you try your best here you will do well.
Monroe Township school district is a great school, which involves all the students as part of their family. The teachers and academics are wonderful, which prepares the students for college. The great use of technology, and the facilities in our school is outstanding and appreciated by the faculty.
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