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Monroe High School is simply average. There are a few fantastic teachers that I will cherish for the rest of my life, but then there are some teachers who are absolutely awful. In my experience, a majority of teachers that I had while attending here didn't seem to care much about their job as a teacher. What made my experience the worst at Monroe was the student involvement. The school is ran by the ASB director who only seems to care about herself. Assemblies were awful and very disengaging. Football games were decent, but poor attendance in the student section most games. I personally wish I did Running Start full time so that I wouldn't have had to be in the toxic environment of the school.
I've spent my entire school life in this district, I've seen it improve a lot over the years.
I'm glad they have full time kindergarten and part-time preschool because kids deserve a good head start. I'm very happy with all the remodeling that has been done to improve the old buildings.
The administration at the high school is extremely difficult to work with most of the time. Only a few teachers make the students feel as if they actually care about them.
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The Monroe School District really helped me grow as a learner and a leader. I excelled greatly through supportive teachers and administrators that helped me get to where I wanted to be.
The school district is good but there is a lack of outside clubs or fairs. Most of them you have to drive to other districts. Movie making, archery, community service are all offered as classes alongside the regular classes.
i liked the community support for sports but i don't think that the school has its students preferences in mind.
The community here is great. I was captain of the swim team and on homecoming court. I was not enrolled in MHS, but I was pretty involved in some of the social parts of the school. I got involved shortly after I moved here from MD and everyone was very open and kind. Overall excellent experience here.
I went to a school in the Monroe School District all my life. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot.
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More classes to prepare students for the next stage in life. More offerings of classes for students that don't want to attend college. Another route for those students would be helpful for them. Increased security.
It is a tightknit community, where teachers sacrifice their time in order to help all students progress, while also providing various programs for students to attend.
The overall environment of the school district is decent however i find that there is alot of wasted time and the staff seems to always be grouchy.
I did not like my elementary school, because I didn't have any good friends and some of the teacher aids are mean. Middle school was so much better the students are nicer and high school is alright, because its high school.
Monroe high is a good school. Ilike how its super diverse and the staffs are all good and kind. sometimes the kids arent very good but its okay. I like monroe high, i like the spirt, the life, the school in general
I have been in the Monroe School District for my entire K-12 education. I appreciate the tight-knit community and support surrounding Monroe schools. We are very spirited, but also academically successful. I have enjoyed taking honors and AP classes that challenge me and my peers. It is a very safe and comfortable learning environment. One thing I would like to see improved on is more fun activities to increase unity among our school. Go Bearcats!
Monroe teachers don't seem like they want to be there. They treat it like more of a chore than job. Monroe high school has a lot of school spirit which made school enjoyable, but after I graduated I felt that I wasn't prepared for college or the real world.
I have had a very positive experience, all the teachers want to see you succeed and help you when you need it. One thing I would like to see change is Admin making decisions about classrooms (i.e new technology like smart boards) with teacher help because in some classrooms teachers don’t want them and they hinder student learning.
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I like how the community is revolves around the school and it seems like a family. I would like to see the involvement in sports and other school events improve
I love how engaging the teachers are with the students. The student body is very involved, and the kids attending provide a safe atmosphere.
My experience at Monroe School District was good for the most part we have lots of school spirit and are die hard fans for our sports/activities, but the staff and administration are a little unprofessional and quite unruly.
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