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I enjoyed the public school experience here. From the clubs, to the supporting of student arts, really a great district.
Teachers truly care about their and preparing them for college.

I feel the video production department should be more advanced with equipment and their yearly assignments. Also the video production club should be developed for more advanced projects.
We love Monroe schools. The instruction and curriculum are rigorous but still allow opportunities for creativity and celebration of the seasons and holidays. So many schools feel so sterile and Monroe schools are so student centered. The staff is warm and supportive. As a parent of one child in special education and one who is excellerated I have experienced both ends of the spectrum in the schools and couldn't be happier. The special education program even in the preschool level is top notch!
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I liked the teachers and the atmosphere the school has. I feel as though they could have made the school more interactive, as almost no one is in clubs and i feel like there are many groups or people that can scare people away from doing what they want.
I came to the Monroe school district here in CT when I was entering the sixth grade. Right away I was accepted by my fellow classmates and teachers who were very supportive of me. I quickly made friendships that would last a life time. The school curriculum was als very thorough all the way through high school I learned something new everyday and my teachers did the best to help everyone understand.
offer more clubs, organizations, resources, sports, options to take courses involving the workforce or career specialization i.e. nursing home, etc
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