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Cheap district. Doesn't pay teachers and staff appropriately. A lot of emphasis on common core and not any real teaching and learning going on. Very top heavy. The high school is very moldy and horrible for people with allergies. Best to stay away from this district altogether.
Underfunded, poor programs, terrible administrators. Literally all bad. The school cares more about money than student success. Policies regarding attendance are setting students up for failure. All sports programs are underfunded and ran by cheap, unknowledgeable coaches. The school looks so bad compared to the schools in the area, reflected by poor test scores.
My experience with Monroe Public schools, is that no matter how much the staff tries to instill a culture for students to thrive in, the culture of Monroe Public Schools and Monroe High Schools is extremely poor and does not create a good environment for students to be successful. I believe this falls completely on the students however. The amount of kids that don't try or care about their schooling allows the culture to be created that mediocrity is acceptable and many students don't strive to be their best as a result. This hurts students from the top to the bottom.
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A lot of common core. But penalizedthe smarter students by taking away five point scale for all AP classes.
I liked band, but other than that I was severely unimpressed. I haven't personally had a terrible incident, but the coaching staff, the teaching staff, and overall environment have not been great. My younger brother and good friends have had very bad experiences, with the exception of a few exceptional teachers.
What I enjoyed most about Monroe Public Schools were the academics in the High School. We were given many opportunities to further our interests in automotive courses, health professions, business, and more. What I would like to see improve is the political aspect that engulfs MPS, especially the high school. The politics surrounding sports, extra-curriculars, and academic treatment, negatively impacts many student's experiences.
I enjoyed various things about attending Monroe Public Schools. Throughout middle and high school, I’ve been an athlete at Monroe, playing football and basketball. As an athlete, I feel like we are pushed to our limits on the field, on the court, and in the classroom. At some schools, it’s been rumored that teachers take it easy on athletes. At Monroe, however, there is an unbiased classroom with equal opportunity for all students. The only thing I would change about my experience at Monroe Public Schools is the food that we are served. Personally, I have not eaten lunch at school since my sophomore year, due to feeling sick from the meals.
I would like to see the attitude that some teachers have towards their students change. One thing I enjoyed while being at Monroe public schools was the administration! They always helped me in every way possible and did there best too make sure that I got everything that I need to do for college completeled
I dislike Monroe public schools because they do very little about bullying experiences. Both me and my sister experienced bullying and very little was done to address the situations. Teachers often made the situations worse by incorrectly addressing it or allowing further backlash after talking to the student who is bullying others. I also disliked it because some of coaches on my track team were rude. I didn’t really like it for any reasons.
Monroe is not a good school. The academics are not good, some of the teachers are good but most of them do not really care about the students. The sports are horrible and the athletic director is horrible. The school is moldy and smells bad. Most of the kids that go to school here hate it. It is a terrible place to get a education. Also the school does not prepare students for their lives after high school.
I have gone to Monroe Public Schools since kindergarten. I love the district and have felt I was prepared well enough for the real world. The staff throughout my experience has paid attention to not only all students needs but my own as well.
I enjoyed the opportunities available and the diversity amongst the student population. There are many electives available that allow you to narrow down your interests into a possible career field. The teachers are very supportive of the school districts movement towards always giving every student a better education each day. I think the administrators are highly motivated, which in turn reflects the growing culture of always striving to do better. One thing that did take away from a five star rating had particularly to do with the counselors and post secondary planners. They didn't supply me with enough information in my early years pertaining to what it would take to earn admissions to what schools. The school also had trouble communicating information to the students at times about events for clubs and other opportunities. It did, however, force students to seek out what they found interest in and pursue it themselves.
Monroe high prepares students for college through dual enrollments and middle college courses. Sports and clubs are very active through out the year.
I like it very much! Just wished we had more money for things around the school. monroe is very poor
The Teachers were amazing but half of the students were bad news. If you are dedicated and hard working, this school will be a great choice. The students at the school formed clicks, such as the popular kids, geeks, jocks, ect. exactly like you would see in a movie. The faculty claims they have strict bullying policies however no real discipline is followed through with.
Monroe offered some pretty diverse classes which I really liked. They had many AP classes but most of the classes (in general) were basically a participation grade. The curriculum was not where it should be. If you showed up to class and turned in your work you'd usually get an A or B. The school as a building is awful because there's no windows and kids should be able to go outside to eat for lunch. They're so worried about kids leaving or skipping but that's on them. They should be responsible for themselves and if they don't show up, they don't show up.
Monroe High School is a large school with a group or club for everyone. The teachers truly care about their students. Monroe High works hard to accommodate children that are less fortunate. Academics could be taken more seriously but they are trying to make this happen.
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