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What I liked about the Monroe Local School District was that the teachers cared about their students and their safety.
Monroe was a tight-knit community with caring teachers and several extracurricular options. In general, the school ran very smoothly and the staff worked well together. School counselors were sub-par and provided little to no help when the time came to pick a college. The preparation of students for college is probably what needs the most work.
Monroe Local Schools is a small school, that is rapidly growing in size. Monroe does not have enough room for all of the students coming in. I feel as if Monroe could have done better at preparing me for college and the real world, the staff is amazing but they kind of baby you. They need to show you that the real world is not all fun and games, they need to take a step back and make us do more things on our own.
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I love how all the teachers really cared about their students. I do wish they had more AP classes and would expand their high school but I believe plans for all that are on the way. This school is very close net and has lots of clubs and ways to get involved which is great.
I liked that it was a tight knit community and you knew almost everyone in the school, but our guidance counselors here did not help us with anything. We pretty much had to figure out everything ourselves which was very hard on us, especially as seniors.
I really like Monroe Local Schools,most of the teachers would stay after school with me and help me with work i was struggling with.The counselors are also amazing,Im a senior and i was stressing about collages and grades and the helped me alot. I could email them when ever i had a question and they got back to me fast.Monroe is also a very nice safe school everyone i ever talked to is very friendly.
The teachers truly care about you well being and your future. The administration has stepped up to take a bigger part in the students’ college plans by providing scholarship opportunities and making sure everyone is in the best position to succeed. Something I would like to see change would be the diversity. I want more diversity in the school.
I loved it, better academic than my old school. Great teachers, and students. Sports and clubs are fun as well.
Monroe is a wonderful school. I went there kindergarten to senior year. Even though it's super small and everyone knows your business, I would go back and do it all over again in the same place. Most teachers are very qualified and good at their jobs. Overall, Monroe is an excellent school. Lacks academic opportunity somewhat, but still would recommmend to others.
Monroe Local Schools is a really good school for my teenagers. Though the school is only 2 buildings, with Elementary, middle school, and high school in 1 building, they have the school set up to accommodate each group of school kids. I really like the community involvement and see great strides since they are no longer on fiscal emergency.

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Maryann Meyer
Monroe has been a great place to raise our kids. My experience with the school district and all the staff has been very good. My daughters love this area and have made alot of great friend.
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