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All good. The school academics are constantly growing. They continue to grow their Ap and dual enrollment programs, which prepare students for college, with college based classes. Only thing I would change would be the remodeling of the school. It’s a little older than most schools, but all in all, that doesn’t affect the academics.
I have been in the Monroe County school system since I was in kindergarten. I have never had a disappointing year. I was always given what I needed to succeed. Monroe County schools has definitely prepared me for all my future endeavors.
When I transfered to a Monroe county school I was immediately accepted and all the teachers did what they could to make me feel comfortable
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Personally, I enjoyed my years within the Monroe district. Our schools are really great, education wise. However, if I were to see anything change it would be the high school. The building has been the same for decades and it would be great to have something new.
Monroe County is a great school system and most of the teachers care a lot about the success of their students, but one thing that's always bothered me about the Monroe County School System is the politics. The social and athletic success of students is largely based on who their parents are and how much money their parents pay to the school. Anything from parking spots to homecoming court is based on the last name of the kid. I guess that's what you get when you go to school in such a small town.
If you are advanced in athletic ability then this is your school. You will not get recognized any other way unless you're rich and are/have a child that is above academic standards. Social diversity is visible.
Growing up in Monroe County schools was such an awesome experience. SO much pride and spirit for our town, our school, and our teams. It was incredible. I wish I could do it all over again.
I have had a wonderful experience at all of the schools that I have attended in Monroe County Georgia. The teachers are thoughtful and considerate of every students' needs and are capable to help them stay on the right track. The classes available keep you ready and prepared for college and everyday life after high school. The experience in the Monroe County school system has been great and I am forever grateful for all of the opportunities I've encountered. The staff has prepared me mentally and also physically for the outside world.
I like everything about the Monroe County Schools. They have a great staff at every school and everyone pushs you to your full potential.
Mary Persons is a great school, lots of good classes to take and some awesome teachers. I'm glad to have had the opportunities I had here while I wish there were more. I also wish there were more ap classes available in person rather than online. But what is offered is quality and I have gotten a lot out of it.
The atmosphere is great at MPHS, everyone is welcoming and there is a wide variety of clubs and school activities to join and become a part of the campus life. I would change nothing major about the school, maybe easier dress code rules.
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