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My experience at Monroe County schools have been fun since I was a Freshman, but now that I am a Senior it really isn't the same. We don't do fun things anymore like we used to do and some of the grade levels in the school do not participate in some of the small things that we actually do. I hope the school system will get better as the years go on. I will come back and check on my school and help them with anything that they need help with. I have had some bad experiences at the Monroe County Schools, but overall i have had fun at this school.
The experience at Monroe County High School Is ok. The only thing I would change is the overall newness of the school
MCHS is a 4 year high school. We are a rural community in south Alabama and our average income is low. We struggle each year with our financial situation with our football team and band. Both are in a rebuilding stage. Our band, 29 years ago, had an average of 150 students. We now have less than 50. Instruments are not cheap, and with lack of income, families struggle. Our teachers are some of the best! They work hard to prepare us for college and the best opportunities. The Principal is caring and knows every student by name. Parent involvement could be better. The more parents are involved means more ideas and more ideas could possibly mean more money for our sports and band programs. That would inturn mean better school spirit and student involvement
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Monroe County Schools provide excellent education opportunities. Monroe County Schools helps students succeed in education. The schools in Monroe County not only helps students succeed in education, they also provide opportunities for students to become more involved in their school such as a variety of sports and orginizations. I think one thing we could improve or change about Monroe County Schools is just to become more great.
I like Monroe County High School. It's because the faculty and staff are very caring. The teachers’ biggest concern is to for students to have a healthy balance between my school work and school activities. They want to make sure the lessons are interesting and really make their students want to work hard. I am currently on the advanced diploma track. I am involved in many clubs and activities. I volunteer with the following organizations: Teacher Institute Day for Alabama Education Association, Monroeville Middle School fall festival, Children’s Hospital, Relay for Life, serve food for Monroe County Feeding 300, and Alabama Democrat Conference registering voters. I have dance and gymnastic class. Monroe County High School principal, faculty and staff helps students to balance their academics, student activities, and volunteer work. They work together to help develop the whole student. This speaks volumes about my school. This is why I love the school that I attend so much.
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