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Monroe County School District Reviews

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Monroe County School District is and amazing place that is filled with some of the greatest people I know. The teachers of Tellico Plains High School are amazing at what they do. They help and support their students through their decisions that they make for their futures. The two things I would change is the cleanliness and meals. Maintenance on problems in the buildings could be improved by a large amount as well as sanitation in the bathrooms and kitchen based rooms. The meals that are provided to Monroe County School's are very limited, sometimes serving the same meal twice in a row within the week. In conclusion, the faculty and staff of the school district are phenomenal, but there are minor improvements that could be made.
THE WORST SCHOOL EVER!!!! there are many bullies and rude people in the monroe country school district! the teachers are absolutely RUDE and the students are very mean and like to bully others. there are MANY fights, one every week! I do NOT recommend this school to anyone who wants to live a happy life, be educated, graduate, actually be prepared for college, and lead a successful life!
I love the sense of community that is felt in the Monroe county school system. Some of the schools do need to be refurbished or completely renovated.
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The teachers really love their students and love investing their time into their open minds. As the school grows in age it grows in innovations; little by little adjustments are made to keep it looking and feeling inviting. All they need now are better lockers!
I have always attended Monroe County Schools, and I have loved my experience with my teachers, and with the administration here in Monroe County. I highly recommend the Monroe County School District!
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