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When a new student comes into the community and school, students who have been there all their lives tend to be a little hard to get to know. Schools seem to be very "cliquey " which makes it tough to make friends. We have also seen a good bit of bullying in I-I schools. Teachers should be more aware and concerned about what goes on both in the classroom and the playgrounds! Some shy kids are too afraid to speak up, especially about bullying or "not wearing what everyone else wears". It is time for schools to step up and pay attention!
I would like to see the cafeteria food changed in Monroe County and also the way we learn. I would like us to have one on one time with teachers so everyone can learn. While right now we do not have any one on one time and also we do not all learn at the same pace so most children get left behind.
The small classroom sizes and great athletics. Being in the Monroe County School District is like being in a family. You learn and know friends from three different campuses. You all grow up together and play sports againist one another. I would recommend this school district to anyone.
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Monroe County schools strive for excellence. It strives to teach and prepare students with what they need to be successful on standardized tests. I would like to see a few changes. I do not feel like Monroe County, or my school anyway, has adequate leadership in the line of counselors to assist with college planning. It is difficult to get answers and forget about getting help with how, when and where to apply.
I attend Smithville HighSchool. The advantage of going to a smaller school as u have the opportunity to play sports, individual help with school work. Everyone knows each other and works towards a common goal of success for the students. When the Tragedy struck smithville 7 years ago, many families lost loved ones. Churches came out while we were trying to salvage what was left of our home, and brought food and water. Many people donated money,food, clothing and opened their homes for people to stay. We were without a home for 6 months. It took several years to rebuild our school and churches. Some business were unable to rebuild, some have returned. I plan on getting an education, returning home to help in my community.
There are many opportunities to learn and participate in several activities. However, the teachers tend to take the easy way out and do not teach to the best or their abilities. Unless a student and a will to learn and thrive in school, the student will not succeed.
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