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Monroe County School District Reviews

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They offer a lot of opportunity for kids to excel in and take part with free lunch and finical support. The school system is great they look out for the kids
I’ve been in the monroe county school system for the last 12 years and I can definitely say they are a good system but they could use some Change. Like looking over the ability of there teachers, I can’t say how many times some of them just didn’t know how to teach and they came in and warned them that they were going to be observing and it just defeated the purpose because the teacher changed there whole style and went back to the normal thing the next day.
My experience going to school in Monroe County was poor. Unless you where a White Non-Hispanic student whose parents were easily making six figures, you where pretty much useless to the administration. One of the administrators who was In charge of preparing the students for college, Ms.Harris, would tell all of the rich caucasian kids to "Apply to all of the most expensive UnIversities! You can study to be anything you want! A doctor? A lawyer? Maybe something in STEM?" but of course to my low-income African American friends,"Maybe you gentlemen can work in repairing AC's? or become a Janitor! they have great benefits!" This is when I realized how much harder it will be for us low-income students who are first generation college students. We do not have someone to take us by our hand and show us every step of the way. Coral Shores showed me that they clearly do not have the energy or capacity to help us who need it the most.
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The school district is very safe, it is a small town and everyone is friendly in the community. The staff is very caring and understanding.
Sugarloaf School was a great school. I enjoyed by 9 years from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Had great teachers and a good environment.
I attend Smithville. It is one of the smaller schools in Monroe County. I like that is family and student oriented. I feel we get more individual attention. We have a greater opportunity to play sports, band etc. The teachers are willing to help struggling students. Everyone knows each other most of the teachers went to school with our parents. I feel I had a great education and prepared me for college.
It was okay not the best the school in the world. It could of been better . The teachers were not helpful in the subjects.
I liked the sense of community that the Monroe County School District gives. Graduating high school from Key West High, was definitely a cool experience. I loved that they gave out so many scholarships right before graduation. It really shows that they wanted their kids to succeed in the future, and they wanted to give back. Teacher wise, it is very weak. At some points they were so understaffed that they were having history teachers try to teach math, and math teachers teaching science. This made it difficult on the students who had to self teach themselves many times, I know I had to and it was frustrating. The administration is down there with the teachers--at times I felt that I was being helped very often and to the extent that I needed but other times I felt that no one cared to help me and would sometimes be ignored.
I've lived in Key West, Florida for 11 years and attended 3 different schools in Monroe county from elementary to high school school. I graduated class of 2017 at Key West High School , and has much as I hate to say it, I am an Alumni of Key West High School and a proud Conch. There are things that could've been done differently to help us kids succeed, but that weren't done. None the less we still graduated, some of us top of our class.
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