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Monroe County Community School Corporation Reviews

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BHSS has a fantastic English department that really prepares you for taking on college level work. The science department offers a lot of unique opportunities and labs within the local community, and many the science teachers are people that go out of the way to help you if you ask for it and are just generally great people.
I love the staff and the students. All the teachers are very excellent and helpful when I need help. Thank you for letting me do this survey.
Well it’s not may not be the school district but maybe just the school i attend itself. The administration is not very involved and i never here about them so i’m not really sure what they do for the corporation
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The Monroe County Community School Corporation has been good to all three of my children, who vary a great deal, both in their needs and their abilities.
Overall Bloomington High School South is a great school with lots of interesting opportunities and amazing teachers. There are many very helpful teachers that are excited and passionate about their course material. The sports at South are generally very good and usually do make it to sectionals or state. Bloomington South offers are a lot of options for interesting clubs and activities. In addition, It is very easy to start a club if there is demand for a new club. Students also can choose their own classes and the difficulty level of their classes. This allows student to have an opportunity to challenge themselves if they’re felling bored or take it easy when they have a busy schedule outside of school with their extra curricular activities. I would recommend Bloomington High School South, and their overall experience at South is very good.
I had a great experience in the Monroe County School Corporation. I had great friends, helpful teachers, and it definitely prepared me for my further studies.
The school corporation is very good. The corporation always supports the students for the most part. There is also a lot of diversity within the school district.
I’ve been in the Monroe district since freshman year of high school. Some things that I have noticed is that kids don’t really like going to any activities to do with their school. They don’t have many fun things as in pep rally’s or dances, or big things at sporting events. There is also some problems with administration and letting students do things. But other than that they have very good teachers and schooling.
I’ve been in the Monroe County School Corporation since kindergarten and as a current senior in high school, I am very grateful I got the education I did with MCCSC. Each level of school helps immensely prepare you for the next. In high school there are many courses to take to explore your interests and help students decide what they may want to study in college. The faculty and staff are always making an effort to reach out and make sure the students are well taken care of. Clubs, sports, and other extra curriculars are always available and highly encouraged. The diverse student body has really helped me as a student expand my cultural awareness and meet people who may be a little different from me. There hasn’t been very many times where I didn’t feel safe in my school because the administration takes safety issues very seriously and enforces policies to keep us safe. I feel very blessed that I grew up in Monroe County and received the education I did.
Monroe County School Corporation is great because they include everyone and love everyone’s diverse backgrounds. They embrace our differences and teach us all about things that we will need and that defidently includes accepting others.
They are very open to everyone’s opinions. They never let anyone feel unnoticed or unimportant. I always feel safe, and if I don’t, I feel as if I am, I am in a safe environment to let the board know.
Although I have only been in this school district for four years, it has been extremely welcoming. With a greatly diverse student body and all inclusive groups, MCCSC provides the perfect learning environment. Coming from a small town in Ohio with a poor educational system, I am confident that MCCSC schools are worth all five stars. There are no changes I would make within this school corporation, the student body is given a voice through which they can bring change. In my four years, I have seen many changes made I’m not only the high schools but the middle schools and elementary schools as well. Students use their voices for what they believe is best for all students. They work with the administrators to allow all students to have the best educational experience possible.
I loved how inclusive and supportive the community was. I also love the variety of classes and experiences students can experience. My only complaint is that the food could be a lot better and healthier.
I have not been in MCCSC for long as I was homeschooled until 9th grade, though the past four years at MCCSC have been good. The corporation is well run and has great faculty at each school. However, I wish that MCCSC could figure out their bus situation. It seems like buses are changed often, at least my bus was, which led to some confusion for me when trying to find my bus home and causing me to not take the bus after my sophomore year. I also would suggest to MCCSC a new contractor for the bus system if they have not already because their current one has messed up routes several times this year, from what I have heard from students who ride the bus.
During my experience in the Monore County Community School Corporation I enjoyed it. I never had any serious problems involving any staff or Teachers. I give the corporation two thumbs up!
Elementary teachers are awesome. They know all the children by name. The frustrating thing is the lack of problem solving they are aloud to do, such as discipline to the more violet students.
Mcc is an excellent college to attend. They pay close attention to their students as well as their staff. This is an impeccable place to learn new things.
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Monroe County Community School Corporation has been my district since 1st grade, I feel that there have been varying strengths and weaknesses throughout my elementary, middle, and high schools. Overall the schools are very academically oriented and provide an abundance of extracurricular activities and clubs. My personal experience has been good but I feel like they could have focused more on SAT preparation and college readiness than they did. Almost all of our learning was guided towards standardized testing such as ISTEP, which I feel was a waste of time due to the fact that those tests do not matter nearly as much as the basic SAT and ACT.
I have attended the Monroe County School Corporation for my entire school life, from the age of five until currently, seventeen, I have come to find that the community if overall friendly and accepting the multiple cultures. Compared to our neighboring school districts such as Bedford or Martinsville, I think MCCSC is much more diverse and allows students to freely express themselves without judgement or discrimination. MCCSC does well with this which I personally believe is the most important thing to shape a comfortable environment for the students to easily learn and build core relationships with their peers, allowing for better education.
Monroe County Community School Corporation's teachers are wonderful, and helpful, but I think the administration is lacking in ensuring the best for the students and parents of the students.
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