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Monroe City R-I School District Reviews

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The town of Monroe City is amazing and I can proudly say that. Monroe City is in my blood and will never escape. The school is great and I have had an amazing high school experience. I would say we have some of the beat facility ever! Being a town of only 2,000 people you are able to have small classes. Out English department is kind of rough. That shows in my ACT scores as well. Other that Monroe City R-1 is an amazing place to be!
Monroe City R-1 has provided an excellent high school education to our daughter. She attended a private k-12 so we were nervous about entering the public school system but she has excelled in her studies. Teachers are great and very supportive of pushing students to do their best. She has also excelled in extra curricular activities such as student council, Future Farmers of America, and National Honors Society and was president of these 3 organizations her senior year.
Buckle your seat belts. I am going to be really honest with you. Monroe City R-1 School District failed to adequately prepare me for existence outside of high school. My personal finance education did not even cover the proper way to write a check let alone how to balance a check book. My English classes were a joke to put it nicely, and did not push students to read or enjoy it. The only foreign language offered is Spanish levels one and two, and are not structured well. The mathematics courses are diligent and perhaps the only structured and well-taught courses available. The band and choir is taught by new instructors every school year, which make excelling difficult as well.
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My experience at Monroe City R-1 school district has been the best any student could ever receive. The experience of growing up in a small town helps with knowing the teachers and students on a better level and also getting help in the classroom on a one-to-one basis with the teachers. Monroe City R-1 strongly believes in making sure each student has the best environment to learn and develop in the best way possible. Also, at the same time it has taught me to be independent and that it is up to me to pave my road to success by keeping my grades and mind on the right track. Without the experience of attending Monroe City R-1 I do not know how successful I would be today.
Monroe City High was a great high school for many reasons, the best being the school spirit. Our principle, Ryan Watson, works very hard to keep our high spirits through out the entire year.
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