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Monroe City Public Schools Reviews

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Monroe City Public Schools does everything in its power to help the predominantly white schools flourish but does the bare minimum for its predominantly African American school even when they need help the most.
I like how Monroe city schools pushes its students to success. They motivate you and I love how they embrace black culture. They have people who believe in you and they never give up. If you feel scared they make you laugh. The people in Monroe city school district are amazing they love you like you belong
to them. They want what’s best for all the students and they alway make sure your doing your best. They make they saying “it takes a village to raise a child” so true and for them I love that.
They do a good job but it could be better. Wossman need new cafeteria cooks.The admin needs to start making decisions on their own and stop listening to parents. High school seniors should have more freedom during the school year.
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Academics are very good. School spirit is something unforgettable. Everyone is nice. Make sure every school is intact and ready to learn.
my experienced was great throughout my years of school, in this district. they helped me to where i am now. i wouldn't like for anything to change.
All in all, my experience with MC Schools has been average at best. The positives and negatives are about equal. The education of my school in particular, has been focused on the most. We receive many benefits other schools do not. Some negatives I have to mention are the issues regarding race. Because we are located in the south of the United States, race issues are still prevalent. Besides the obvious problems regarding race that still burden people in my school district, my school does everything they can to keep students safe, give them a place to learn, a place to be themselves, and never making anyone feel inferior because of race, ethnicity, or religion.
I'd like more racial diversity in the administration in the staff representative of the student body.
I am currently attending ULM-Monroe. Depending on your major, ULM can be a wonderful place to attend. It has a small campus that makes it easy to dash across campus when you hit the snooze button one too many times, small class sizes, reasonable prices, and more of a homestyle feeling than in large colleges. At the very least, ULM- Monroe is a good choice to take basic courses before pursuing a more advanced degree.
Monroe city public school is a great school system with great people. I don't think nothing should be changed it is great as is.
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