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The school spirit is great and the teachers are always there to help. There are some problems but nothing that stops me from being the best student I can be.
Monroe Central is one of the best schools I have been to. Yet, there could be changes made, such as the school lunch program. The lunch program may be a little over priced since theyou only give you enough to feed a bird. But sometimes they actually give enough food. Also, at times theyou run out of food for C lunch because a and b lunch have so many people.
What I enjoyed the most about Monroe Central high school is the school spirit and college readiness. We as students are very heavy with support with our clubs, organizations, and sports. There are posters, flyers, and announcements constantly about our activities. This school is always upbeat and always flowing with more and more activities. My studies in the college courses I have taken here have prepared me for college essays, studying tactics, and the awareness of college financially. The amount of work and studying in my classes have well prepared me for my first semester of college in the fall of 2017. Overall, this school deserves a five star rating for Monroe Central spirit and college readiness.
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I transferred to Monroe Central after the first semester of my freshman year after having a bad experience at a neighboring county school. The students and faculty were both very welcoming. I have felt like Monroe Central is a more friendly environment, where everyone feels more like family, rather than enemies. Like all schools, sports seem to be the most important area of focus instead of our education. I would make sport regulations more strict, such as drug tests for each athlete.
I have gone to Monroe Central since kindergarden. The only downside of this school is the food, but that isn't the school's fault because we have to follow the national guidelines. The teachers are amazing. I have always had great teachers who push me to do my best. Mrs. Taylor (the high school guidance counselor) is always finding ways to get students to do their very best, and makes standardized testing fun.
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