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I have had a wonderful experience in the public schools of Morgantown and feel as if I have had a strong education background. The teachers have been wonderful and care about their students success. I am currently in my 3rd year as an Animal Science major and can say I felt ready for college. The sport programs are also wonderful. The sport faculty also care about their students success in education. They care about teaching students responsibility, making sure students enjoy the game, and coaching students in order to have a successful season. One thing that I didn't always like was the cafeteria food. I feel as if schools could create healthier and tastier meals for students. The schools are also sure to update their facilities, but I wish they would update more important things. Overall, I have had a great experience in the public education in Morgantown, WV.
Go to another state where schools are newer and teachers are required more hours of student teaching before completing certification/education with upon being assessed on performance at the end of each year by parents other teachers and county administration. Also, updates by teachers of parents and children in classroom performance/attendance weekly. No child being left behind is no longer in any category. Education in WV is behind.
I've been going to Monongalia County public schools since sixth grade, and my overall experience wasn't too bad. I've had some brilliant teachers and some that haven't taught me much but that's to be expected. The administration, though overly strict in some situations, is happy to listen and willing to help. I am going into the performing arts as a career and majoring in musical theatre so I don't think these schools have really helped me to feel confident going into college.
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If this is one of the best in the state , I'd hate to see one of the worst. Let's face it ; the West Virginia education system is a joke .This school system has absolutkey no claim to any bragging rights whatsoever. It is merely a product of a defunct educational system that is way behind other states in educational initiatives in the classroom along with teaching methodologies .
Students are ill prepared in mathematics and reading skills .At the high school level, it is not uncommon for many to read several grade levels behind and have no foundational math skills . It's nothing but a tragedy that this school system is considered one of the best. It , along with the whole state should be ashamed at the lack of standards and educational demands they fail on their students . The reason of the inflated graduation rate is due to the fact that many kids get passed along. It doesn't matter how ill prepared they are, they graduate anyhow.
My experience was amazing! would like to see bathroom improvement. The school Board is very flexible with their students and you can tell they really care about their kids.
The grading scale for high school students should be a 10 point scale, right now it is a 7 point. This can affect the students later in college. For example, someone from another state might have a "90" or an "a" in a subject, while a student in this district could have a"92" or a "b." Thus lowering the their average GPA. Although the student from a Monongalia district technically has the higher grade, the student from another state, will have the GPA. Which is only what colleges will see on your transcript.
Monongalia county schools is one of the better districts in the state. However, half of our bathroom stalls don't have doors but they believe building a new press box is a better use of the little money that we have. Our teachers are so dedicated and kind, although they are treated so poorly. #55United
I had a fine experience going to K-12 in Mon County. Morgantown High School prepared me well for my college.
My Daughter never liked going to school. When she started 3rd grade here she came home ever day and said I love school. Same thing with my son who is in Middle School.
Overall, it was a good experience for both of my kids. Access to WVU and Senior release is very helpful. However, they need to clean house with the favoritism in the office personnel. Sometimes feels like middle school all over again. No wonder some kids don't grow out of the clique mentality.
From a young age, my teachers for the most part believed in me. I was not always a good test taker, but I was always the first student to understand concepts and would always be that student who taught other students. For example, in elementary school, my teacher saw how easy multiplication came to me and gave me my own group to teach, but saw that tests would trip me up. For that exact reason, when I came a bit below on the advanced math test, he talked to the principle himself and told him I deserved to be in advanced math. He put his credibility on line and stood up for me. This was only one time that someone in this school system stood up for me, but there were many instances like this where teachers truly believed in me and spoke up for me and to them I am grateful.
I have been able to be prepared in a tight knit environment surrounded by teachers that care about my future.
I have been a part of this school system since I was in kindergarten. It is not the best but it is also not the worst. The people in charge change too many things and don't seem to care about the opinion of the community members.
I like that the teachers are really caring and supportive of their students. The athletics department does really well and all of our sports teams are very good. University High School is advanced and offer so many great opportunities and courses. One thing that I would change if I could, is the bullying that goes on around the school.
Mon County’s schools excel in creating academic opportunities for their students. Courses range in an array of opportunities for students to pick and choose their preferred paths of learning and development, including varied assortments of AP and elective classes not seen anywhere else in the state, resulting in students more ready to take on the world. However, the school is lacking in terms of facilities and funding for educators. This issue may have to do directly with the income from the state, but nonetheless it persists and drives the quality of our education down. For Mon County schools to improve, more funding must be placed in the hands of educators.
Schools in Monongalia County have no shortage of great, hands-on teachers-- something that sets them apart from others in the state. They have exceptional, unique ways of teaching and form genuine relationships with their students, building a trust that makes kids so much more comfortable in the classroom. If one thing had to be changed in Monongalia County schools, it would be the involvement of the administration. Actually seeing or speaking to the individuals that have the power to improve something in the school system or solve a problem would be very beneficial in ensuring that it is solved quickly and efficiently. More importantly, involvement is a key factor in a running a school smoothly; if students see effort from teachers and administration, they are more likely to put forth effort themselves.
Love the atmosphere. All the teachers are great and enjoyable to come everyday. Would love to see some of the scheduling plans/ideas changed so it's easier to pick and choose which classes you want to take. Also there are many different after school opportunities available plus clubs to pick from, and you can be in more than 1 club at once.
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