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The amount of time for the passing period is really good. The vast majority of my experience with teachers has been positive and they create a really positive environment for learning.
It was a good school for learning. The teachers are all helpful and positive for students. There is a bit of a lack of diversity, but its partially of the lack of diversity in the cities that attend the school. Funding needs to be increased.
I grew up within the Monona Grove School District throughout my entire life starting in Pre K. Throughout my education here I fell in love with the schools. I really enjoyed the teachers I had they always got me ready for the next step. I always felt the educators here cared about each students success and would go the extra mile for their students. Your fellow classmates are great people as well that care about your success and push you to be the best version of yourself. Both the band team and all athletics at Monona Grove are outstanding.
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When I attended Monona Grove it was a very good school with a great education. The only thing I wish there was more of was diversity. Sometimes being the only minority in my class was disappointing. Also, I wish they would implement learning about different cultures within their curriculums.
The size of the school was a lot more manageable compared to the larger districts in the area; however, I felt the counseling staff lacked many skills.
I like that we have a lot of different classes offered each year. I wish that there were more of a variety in our AP classes and that younger students could take them.
Monona Grove School District is exactly what you would want in a high school. Although it may not have state-of-the-art facilities, they make up for it with good classes, teachers, and administration. There are definitely things that could be made better, however, there is a place for everyone.
Monona Grove has a very good educational program. They have a lot of options for classes and most of the teacher really care about the student's education. However, the diversity at the school is a joke.
Monona Grove does a great job with making sure issues in the school are delt with in the proper way. I loved my time there and felt that I made many friends and had many teachers I could turn to if I ever needed help. The atmosphere was great and the education was great as well.
Monona Grove High School is a great high school in a great school district. I have enjoyed learning as well as participating in many extra-curricular activities. Monona Grove High School supplies me with everything I need to be successful in college and in the future.
I had a wonderful time at Monona Grove. I was involved in many different sports and after school activities and I always knew that I had a teach who could help me. There are many more classes now than there were when I attended, but although there are new classes, I was able to take classes that I wouldn't have elsewhere. I know of students who left early for a class in which they were able to work in the field they wanted to peruse which I thought was very cool.
As a whole, Monona Grove has a great community atmosphere. It is a small enough school where you don't see all the same people each day, but small enough that you still know every one you pass in the hallway.
MG is an amazing school district and the teachers all really care about their students and help each and everyone to achieve their goals.
MG is a good school with good teachers and tech. Although I disagree with some of the choices the district has made it is still a good school.
Monona Grove has a great sense of community. MG looks to support everyone in their education and extra curricular activities. I learned so much that I needed to know to prepare myself for college.
I like that we are a strong academic school but there is absoloutly no diversity. The food used to be better but theyve changed a lot so now I bring my own lunch. Racism hav been a problem here and i think that is awful that it is still hgappening. Some of the teachers are nice but some dont help me learn at all.
I have nothing but lovely things to say about the Monona Grove School District. I was in the Monona Grove School District from Pre-K all the way through senior year. The faculty is tremendously helpful and wants nothing but ultimate success for each and every one of their students. The curriculum taught in the Monona Grove School District was always just a little bit out of our comfort zones, but it always challenged us and allowed us to be the best students we could be. The Monona Grove School District has gave me life long friends, prepared me for my college courses, and always succeeded my expectations. I would recommend this school district to anyone who is struggling to find a school district that would work for their kid just starting kindergarten or a student who is struggling at their school and needs a change. Monona Grove School District made me the best student and human being I could be.
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Monona Grove High School was a wonderful school that usually maintains around 900 kids. The small school size and small school district allows administration to be able to focus very closely on the kids attending. I believe the academic standard is extremely high with many teachers that are highly trained and knowledgable allowing for the students to be ready for college as soon as they graduate.
Most teachers were really nice and helpful during most of my high school experience. The homework assignments got to be a little too much, but most of my teachers were more than willing to help me get caught up and they showed me how I can excel in each class. A change I would like to see is a bit more structure among my teachers, with assignments being due at staggered times rather than all at once. This would greatly impact students' ability to prioritize certain projects and tasks and complete each one with their best effort.
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