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The teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject they teach. The school provides a positive atmosphere. Although the food is not good, it is not the absolute worst either. Does not have air conditioning, but does have agriculture and wood shop classes. Library is sad and measly.
Moniteau has shaped me to be the person I am today. I am a stronger, more independent woman from the kind staff and students in the small area.
I'd say that Moniteau high school is the same as any other school in our area, besides that the water makes us sick. The guidance counselors do nothing to help students with problems pertaining to college or SAT/ACT preparation, and some teachers do not care if a student is struggling in their class. We recently installed new safety precautions such as metal detectors, security guards, and locker policies (by parents' demand). Moniteau tends to pour all additional funds into sports, mostly football and cheerleading, resulting in new uniforms for these teams every year. As an art student and a member of the marching band, this worries me as almost no funds are given to the art groups at Moniteau. My experience at Moniteau has both ups and downs to it.
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Moniteau is a small school there is no doubt about that. Everyone knows everyone. Within a week or two of being in this school the people there will begin to feel like family. Everyone cares for one another. I personally like Moniteau for that reason, because I moved here from out of state and it made the transition from schools so much easier. The people that you meet at Moniteau are amazing. They care about whether or not you are having a good day. And it is not just your fellow classmates that care about you the faculty also cares a whole lot about you as well. And there is always someone there that will listen to what you have to say. I overall love Moniteau.
Moniteau has a very close knit community. I had a great high school experience, but I feel that honors students are not provided with as many opportunities as they could be.
The actual school building is very nice, but it is too easy to graduate from Moniteau without learning enough to go on to higher education. The school's required courses should be more strict. I also found some teachers helpful and passionate to help us learn, but others taught and cared little about our learning.
Moniteau is a small school, so I had the opportunity to interact with all of my peers on a regular basis. Furthermore, because of the way the school buildings are set up, I was graduating with students that I went to seventh grade with, and I was able to form relationships in seventh grade that lasted all through high school. The teachers were exceptional, and I felt that the school's curriculum was effective in preparing me in all of the core subjects like math and English.



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I am a senior here. I’ve never really had a problem being from a small town like this and going to a small school. Everyone here’s always nice to me and look for the best of everyone
I liked that it was a small close knit community in a lush rural area. The school is newly updated with beautiful facilities. I really felt that i could get the one on one time I needed from teachers.
It was a typical small rural school. Every one had their own cliques and if you moved into the district it was difficult to fit in.
There are some teachers that really prepare students for the world they live in. However, after graduation I found that I wasn't prepared as much as others were. I only took one AP class, AP Language, and really excelled in my writing class. Certain classes like calculus and chemistry gave me the basic foundations I needed for my major. They gave me the basics to grow but it took a lot more work than I spent in high school keeping up and being able to maintain my GPA. It's a small school that focuses on football and finding ways to achieve. Most of the people that attend had family that graduated from there.
One of the best parts of Moniteau Jr/Sr Highschool is that it's such a small school. Some people might think that being a small school would be a negative but it honestly isn't. Being a small school allows there to be more one on one time with the teachers; which, that means that you'll be able to understand the topic you are learning to your fullest potential. I feel as though Moniteau taught us all the proper skills to survive our freshman year of college. With becoming a Moniteau alumni in the next four days I feel with full confidence that the teachers, the faculty, and even the student body have prepared me for the next endeavors in life.
The teachers are very extremely nice and very caring. The Principals, guidance counselors, and teachers want to see each and every student do exceptional jobs. As all students do. There isn't anything I would change about the school.
Moniteau's building is amazing. Well taken care of. However, we lack in educational value. We place sports above all. Some teachers only care about getting athletes to pass. We have a few really good and strict teachers. I wish there were more. Being a small school we lack the resources for a large number of classes. Overall many teachers care about the wellbeing of students.
I like how the teacher new you personally and wanted you to succeed. They would stay after school hours to help you. One thing I would change is the electives.
It is a very small and rural school. Not very much goes on except for football games and other athletics. Offer many different clubs to fit a very diverse student body.
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I love Moniteau. Moniteau is a small school making the class room size small. The best part about that is students get a lot of hands on experiments. This creates a bond between students and their teachers. This also helps students meet new people. Moniteau does great with athletics and makes it very far in their d9 and ksac path. Moniteau also is great at getting students prepared for state tests. The teachers are very polite and well liked. This is great because it helps students learn better. I think moniteau is a great school for students education, sports, and learning abilities.
It is a nice school to go to- the teachers were nice and helpful. The town is small so everyone knows everyone, parents most likely went to school with the teachers. However, that does not help with education. Moniteau is a not very academically ready for college. It gives you the basic fundamentals, you really have to apply yourself in college to get grasp the fast paced learning environments.
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